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October 29th, 2007

Alenty offers community with a ‘Hot or Not’ flare a French Web2.0 company, has developed code that determines influence that members have in a community. Then it creates a widget similar to the MyBlogLog visitors widget and displays community members in descending order based on their influence in the community.


This is almost reminiscent of the top commentators widget found on certain Word Press blogs. But with a distinctly different flare. The ‘Hot Scale’ reminds visitors and community members of a particular users influence in the community. Bringing these ‘members’ to the forefront encourages more involvement for the top people and gives lower standing members incentive to participate more.

At this point I can only assume that the widget is JavaScript based. The sign up process is simple until you get to the ‘add a site’ section. This is where it failed me. Maybe I am not filling out the proper fields or I could be using the wrong browser. The button that allows me to finalize the adding of WidgetsLab to the Alenty widget is grayed out.
So we are denied!

via Alenty winds funding for blog influence widget

gruvr is a band tracker

October 28th, 2007

If your fav band is on Myspace then gruvr will map them


gruvr harnesses the power of Google Maps and Myspace to bring you a concert location map. This widget is Flash based so you can put it in your Myspace profile to show the world where your favorite band will be playing next. This only works for bands that have a Myspace profile that is updated with their touring schedule.
The widget is FREE and doesn’t require any registration. If you are looking for the easy widget add they have that too. (powered by gigya)

gruvr-add-to.jpg band map widget

You’ll have to enter your own band…unless you like Rooney.

In case you don’t look at comments…I wanted to share this one from gruvrdad

hey awesome… thanks!

PS. you can just go here
and it won’t show rooney!
Here is the full announcement:

Did you know gruvr also has a widget for local upcoming-shows – it figures out where you are.

We would love any feedback from widget experts like you guys. For example what would be a good way to put both widgets on widget platforms like netvibes but allow users to tell it their fave band or current location at install time?

via Mashable

jiglu is automatic smart tags

October 27th, 2007

jiglu has widgetized auto tags for your blog!


This appears to be a cool widget/service that spiders your blog and creates a tag list in the form of a widget. The tags link to the actual content on your pages giving your readers a new way to navigate your site. The tag links open in a window right on your site and deliver your readers to the content they desire. It’s easy to use so the reader wont get discouraged.

There are different categories for tags so you don’t have to deal with jumbled up mess like those pesky tag clouds (technorati). Jiglu attempts to organize the keywords on your site to make navigation much easier.


We’ll see how it works.
As of this post the spiders haven’t yet visited Widgets Lab so the widget I have placed in the sidebar didn’t have any jiglu discovered tags. It did manage to grab hold of some Technorati tags though for some instant widget usability. Cool!

This widget uses JavaScript. It is completely customizable to the appearance of your blog. Size and multiple color options are available as well as the ability to limit the actual content of the widget. There are also Word Press versions that integrate directly with your widget ready template. Also for Blogger, Movable Type and TypePad. (I just used the JavaScript for ease)

Check out the window that opens when the widget is used.


UStream.TV: Widgetize away!

October 26th, 2007

10_26_2007 05_43 p.m.

UStream.TV seems to want that you and your showpage visitor feel more comfortable and get to have more things to do while they see you running around in your underwear or chasing ghosts in your garden (ok, ok, that was a cheap shot at  video lifestreaming but bear with me) so they have now enabled you to run widgets in your showpage.

10_26_2007 06_02 p.m.

(a example player from ustream showing live time doings/stuff/boredom)

so now you can entertain yourself and others while using the service, but please do it with moderation, given the layout of the showpages i would say that 9 widgets is the top limit you can get away with without making your visitor browser crash or slowdown to a glacial pace considering that you already load up 2 heavy modular widgets in your empity showpage that consists of your video player and the chatroom.

To help you get started they have tailored a website to show you how to put widgets in your showpage and even suggest you what kind of widgets would make sense for you to use:

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