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SpringWidgets are the best

November 30th, 2007

They have some of the coolest widgets

Springwidgets offer great custom options. You can generally choose the height and width of any widget they offer and most have a unique custom option such as scrolling text, blinking lights or some type of animation.

Everything they put out is Myspace friendly. They will also work on Xanga, iGoogle, hi5, Blogger and pretty much anywhere you can edit your layout or HTML.
All SpringWidgets are original and can be used for free.

The SpringWidgets developer pack is one of the most powerful widget creation tools out there. Complete with tutorials and sample widgets as well as forums to ask for help if you do get stuck. They even have an API to help put the finishing touches on your widget project.

I have not posted about SpringWidgets in a long time and for this, I am sorry.

So Lets have a look at whats new over at SpringWidgets:

The Superbowl Countdown widget with custom scrolling text


The Mini Christmas Tree widget with custom ornament colors


The Holiday Wishlist widget from Palm lets you display your Christmas list


You will need to create your list here and then input the code that you get, into your widget

post it Christmas countdown widget


This is actually a countdown for anything you want. It’s very customizable.

Make sure to go to and browse through their gallery of widgets for some fun and useful widgets.

The new Mgnet Whats Hot Module

November 30th, 2007

Mgnet announces Whats Hot for MyAol and iGoogle

Widget or Gadget?
Whats Hot is more of a Gadget that a widget. It’s designed to work on your MyAOL startpage or iGoogle startpage and delivers a cool image cloud depicting whats hot on the net right now. The gadget updates in realtime. So you’ll always have fresh content at your fingertips (eyeballs)
Whats Hot can be customized to deliver the news that you are most interested in. Whether it’s the spoiled princess drama (Brit and Paris) or the latest Dallas Cowboys news. The choice is up to you!


This is in some ways similar to the Quintura widget found in the sidebar.
Both are working the visual angle.
Quintura delivers related search content in visual form whereas Whats Hot delivers Internet news via images associated with the event.
Quintura widget can be put on your personal blog or web page, away from iGoogle and AOL.

Whats Hot gadget for MyAOL

Whats Hot gadget for iGoogle

Via Somewhat Frank

Spurs team widget

November 28th, 2007

Spurs fans now have a widget

San Antonio Spurs have partnered with Clearspring to bring you the ‘Spurs Team Widget’

With this widget you can watch news and highlight videos, catch scores and current standings and even buy tickets. Clearspring creates awesome widgets with a whole host of ‘One Click’ add options to your favorite blog or social profile pages. I especially like that fact that the widget is viral and you can grab the embed code right from the widget itself.

Myspace users who are Spurs fans will be happy too. The Spurs widget works there as well.


Get the Spurs Team Widget now

TicketMaster announces affiliate widget

November 28th, 2007

You can now earn a commission from TicketMaster

Found this great post on TechnicallySpeaking thanks Rex!

Ticketmaster is the first primary [original sale] ticketing company in the United States to offer an affiliate program.

It appears that TicketMaster has created an affiliate program where webmasters can create a widget to display upcoming events (of their choice) to their audience. Any clickthroughs that result in a sale earn the affiliate a commission.


I assume the commission is of course subject to convenience and handling fees. But whatever, $0.05 is better than nothing.
(the above line was written before I had a chance to read Marshall’s take, over at R/WW)

Affiliates will receive fifty cents for each ticket they sell priced between $20 and $60, $1.50 for tickets priced between $150 and $199, and up to $5.00 for tickets priced above $500. That’s a 1% commission on $500 tickets, hardly a generous sum.

I eagerly await the days when performers decide to abandon the TicketMaster monopoly and start selling their tickets direct to the fans. (without the outrageous fees) See Radiohead skips record producer…makes music directly available to fans.

Technically Speaking ticketmaster

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