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Gydget follows the direct line of thought that came into place and that made Google decide to give birth to Gadget Ads and that can be pretty much resumed in one single line:

Easy to set task specific promotional widget with a high spread thinking

Add a network to that line and you got what gydget is.

You can setp up widgets that have one of the most clear High Spread models of distribution you can get outside widget distribution network supporting 17 platform directly with room for some more along the regular generic paste code.

Gydget 3

Given the nature of the widget i can see it as a way to complement Myspace pages of the artists and bads in Myspace and a way to link the fans to their favorites in “official” form.

Gydget 2

I got no complains for the widget, is a very good scaled flash widget that can go anywhere but given that widget distribution networks along Google have raised the stakes in this area i think is time for Gydget to upgrade the features in their widgets along customization and metrics to stay up at the level of competition.


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