TicketMaster announces affiliate widget

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You can now earn a commission from TicketMaster

Found this great post on TechnicallySpeaking thanks Rex!

Ticketmaster is the first primary [original sale] ticketing company in the United States to offer an affiliate program.

It appears that TicketMaster has created an affiliate program where webmasters can create a widget to display upcoming events (of their choice) to their audience. Any clickthroughs that result in a sale earn the affiliate a commission.


I assume the commission is of course subject to convenience and handling fees. But whatever, $0.05 is better than nothing.
(the above line was written before I had a chance to read Marshall’s take, over at R/WW)

Affiliates will receive fifty cents for each ticket they sell priced between $20 and $60, $1.50 for tickets priced between $150 and $199, and up to $5.00 for tickets priced above $500. That’s a 1% commission on $500 tickets, hardly a generous sum.

I eagerly await the days when performers decide to abandon the TicketMaster monopoly and start selling their tickets direct to the fans. (without the outrageous fees) See Radiohead skips record producer…makes music directly available to fans.

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