The new Mgnet Whats Hot Module

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Mgnet announces Whats Hot for MyAol and iGoogle

Widget or Gadget?
Whats Hot is more of a Gadget that a widget. It’s designed to work on your MyAOL startpage or iGoogle startpage and delivers a cool image cloud depicting whats hot on the net right now. The gadget updates in realtime. So you’ll always have fresh content at your fingertips (eyeballs)
Whats Hot can be customized to deliver the news that you are most interested in. Whether it’s the spoiled princess drama (Brit and Paris) or the latest Dallas Cowboys news. The choice is up to you!


This is in some ways similar to the Quintura widget found in the sidebar.
Both are working the visual angle.
Quintura delivers related search content in visual form whereas Whats Hot delivers Internet news via images associated with the event.
Quintura widget can be put on your personal blog or web page, away from iGoogle and AOL.

Whats Hot gadget for MyAOL

Whats Hot gadget for iGoogle

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