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YouTube One Click Blogging

November 27th, 2007


No one can deny that being having a Blogger Blog does makes things a lot easier most of the time compared to other platforms when it comes to Google related integration and it is time for Blogger usersto benefit from that in YouTube. because taking a page from the way one click widgets work in Blogger now you got the option to share your YouTube videos as a post in one simple click, select your Video, click share, follow intructions, publish and that is all you gotta do.


Blogging from YouTube

Vectorform: Installable Silverlight Twitter Widget

November 27th, 2007

11_27_2007 06_59 p.m.

Vectorform is one many developing companies experimenting with silverlight while they await more tools and the final release of SL 1.1 that allows Rich Internet Applications to work inside or outside the browser in the same way Flex/AIR works for Adobe.

While they wait, the don´t wast any minute to push themselves to design pretty cool silverlight displays, apps and now even games. one of those is a Silverlight Twitter Widget you can post in your site as long as you want to host andinstall it yourself. something that may be more atractive for regular website or for the DIY crowd.

but it is very easy to host any silverlight related development if you got a Live Id, just go to Silverlight Streaming, sign up follow some instructions and you are ready to go to host any silverlight widget or application you want for your own use.

I recommend it as a way to practce for greater things to come since Silverlight widgets and apps are getting cooler and cooler as time passes.

11_27_2007 06_57 p.m.

Silverlight Twitter Widget Live Example         (you will need to have silverlight 1.0 installed, you will be prompted if you donÂ’t have it yet)


Facebook Apps or Facebook Widgets?

November 27th, 2007

As with most things that spur discussion on the Blogosphere, there is a recent confusion about what is a widget and what it is not caused by a Usa Today article that makes a mess of a already convoluted matter that places all facebook  apps as  widgets and well, pretty much anything as a Widget something that of course have ticked off people like Nick O’Neill from All facebook and that in a attempt to simplify things goes to literal on what a widget is.

as i am not a stranger to discussions like this where terms and the use of words depends on form like when people call everything a hack, no matter if it is a method or a mod. in the end it was a futile discussion because everyone still calls everything a hack without distinction and a lot of the times without reason.

In this case is about the form of use and the form of presentation. lets take igoogle and live spaces as a example. a rare moment where Google and Microsoft thought that they had to rename their widgets as Gadgets. the reason to do that was because of the way they were going to be presented and the form they were going to be used, they are modular widgets distributed in a proprietary or unique ecosystem so given the attention to that, they found proper to state them as gadgets, something that reflects their modular nature.

meanwhile widget are now seen as a portable/embedded code where the function is generated elsewhere and just displayed on demand for users. something that does exemplifies the best aspect of widgets but cannot ignore other way of presenting them and forms of use, be them as installable (you host the code, you host the end display) mostly a case for website script widgets or Modular ( you get into a platform of your choice,there are predefined non shareable or undockable widgets generated for your use with the platform) as you can see in live spaces as the perfect match for that example and to some extend Blogger and wordpress.

The bottom line is that it really don´t matters if you prefer one or another, what mater is that widgets can come in many forms and that  such forms affect their nature so you cannot pin them to one sole definition.

besides that confusion, the usa today article talks about how widgets exploded into the web and now can define a start up succes or how a widgets can BE the main service of a start up. something that has really changed everything in 2007.

Facebook Apps or Widgets,which are better?

Widgets make a big splash in the net Liveblogging Widget

November 26th, 2007

11_26_2007 08_34 p.m.

CoverItLive extends from the idea of be able to lifestream to your users in the same way that Ustream or like BlogTV and leverages the work behind those services into a widget so you can use it in a widget.

i  find it a mix of BlogTalkRadio, BlogTV and Ustream, in that very order.

The novelty in the service itself is that it lets users to  extend their reach and grow a new kind of audience beyond common blogs and also serve as a way of promoting yourself assuring you get more regular blog readers.

Certainly a interesting idea, even if i find the service a little confusing for common bloggers but it should not a problem to power bloggers and people coming from the lifestreaming side that have decided to start a blog.

11_26_2007 08_26 p.m.


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