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Happy New Year To All

December 31st, 2007

So long 2007, so long.

We got to see so much changes for what widgets where considered a year ago that it has been overwhelming how much thing changed in the span of a year to the widget market.

We sure cannot even being to predict what kind of wonders will bring the new year but i am sure it will be even more exciting:

Some of the things i expect to see are:

  1. Truly powerful and useful widgets thanks to Flex and Silverlight
  2.  More blurring of the lines thanks to new hybrid widgets getting into the desktops thanks to the very same plugins.
  3. Widget as mobile apps getting noticed and used broadly
  4. Modular widgets implementations getting inside all kind of web services
  5. Widget support in E-mail
  6. Feedsync derived Widgets
  7. Google and Yahoo caving in and finally giving direct support for Windows Vista Sidebar
  8. Web to Vista sidebar and OS X dashboard in one click from all major distribuitors
  9. a war of universal widget platforms
  10. widgets getting into appliances, from frames to kitchen boards.

Seems pretty exciting things to look forwards, so lets see if i get them all right.

In the meantime have a awesome New Year Eve Dinner, make a toast for the future and then head on to it with glee.

Happy New year Everyone, Feliz Año Nuevo a todos from Widgets Lab.


Pownce Badges: Show your Pownce Notes Around

December 30th, 2007

I have been using Pownce a lot lately, i truly like it, i like the community in it, i like the system even with all the incredible flaws and shortcomings it got. but for being developed by a team of pretty much 2 people is quite impressive to say the least.

One of the things i don`t like is that there are no offical widgets because the creator (Leah Culver) seems not to be fond of widgets, even if the so called desktop app is pretty much a glorified widget done in Adobe AIR.

But all in all i like it and use it because i like the thinking behind it and the community that is in it, and one of the examples of a good Powncer is without a doubt Zach Chrisholm that took the task of making up a good widget to use for his needs so he made a Pownce Badge Generator where you can pick a theme based on the original ones and you are able to easily choose the size of the widget and then just generate a flash code so you can put the badge everywhere you want to.

Here you can see how an actual pownce badge looks and works or if you prefer to see it in context you can visit Zack Tumblr

The only things i would like to be added is more fonts, more themes and maybe a little retouching to the graphics, everything is already perfect just the way it is, so if you use pownce i recommend you to grab this badge, you can also request invites from me, i got a unlimited supply of them or add me to your pownce friends.

Pownce Badge Generator

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Clipmarks improves sharing with ClipCast

December 29th, 2007

Clip and share the web via blog widget

ClipMarks has created the ClipCast.

With ClipCast you can clip bits of the web and share this stuff with your readers on your Myspace page, Facebook or even your blog. Using the Firefox or Internet Explorer bookmark button you can simply “clip” text and images from around the web and it will appear in your ClipCast where ever you have the widget placed.


…don’t worry, it comes in a smaller width that should be more sidebar friendly. In fact…I have added the WidgetsLab ClipCast to the lower sidebar to see how well it works.

It loads fast and delivers the clipped content as promised. The first thing I have clipped is a “How to” video describing how to extend the range of your wifi antenna.

kwout is a Quote tool with a widget quality

December 29th, 2007

Not only can you capture quotes…you can capture links as well!

Blog easier
This awesome blogging tool allows you to use a Java applet (bookmark button) to capture any quote or image from the web. The captured content comes complete with captured working links as well. (try the link in the image above)

Saves you time
This is a huge time saver for those responsible bloggers that want to quote a source. The kwout service provides you with a simple HTML embed for your captured quote. The embed even goes so far as to provide a link to the original article and if you desire…a link to the embed code so anyone else that wishes to share the content and link, may do so.

Observations and complaints
The kwout capture is slow (depending upon the page) It doesn’t bother me though. Its still faster than having to format quotes and links and also linking to give credit to the original source.

The captured text is almost too small to read. I would like to suggest some type of zoom feature for the image if possible. Maybe allow the blogger to increase the size of the captured image prior to the embed.

I saw this on TechCrunch and figured that it was worthwhile sharing it with you guys. (see link under widget)

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