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December 29th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Clip and share the web via blog widget

ClipMarks has created the ClipCast.

With ClipCast you can clip bits of the web and share this stuff with your readers on your Myspace page, Facebook or even your blog. Using the Firefox or Internet Explorer bookmark button you can simply “clip” text and images from around the web and it will appear in your ClipCast where ever you have the widget placed.


…don’t worry, it comes in a smaller width that should be more sidebar friendly. In fact…I have added the WidgetsLab ClipCast to the lower sidebar to see how well it works.

It loads fast and delivers the clipped content as promised. The first thing I have clipped is a “How to” video describing how to extend the range of your wifi antenna.

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  1. Jane says:

    Clipmarks is an okay service, however although its implementation is useful, it is quite limited in its services. There are many other widget sites out there, like Clearspring that allow users the same “clipping” ability, but also provide other useful services. For example, Clearspring provides widget analytics (the ability to track what users are looking at in your widget), a launchpad “frame” (which basically allows you to host your widget on any social network), and even advertisements inside the widget. Clearly companies like clipmarks need to go outside the box, and not just follow one small niche.

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