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December 29th, 2007 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Not only can you capture quotes…you can capture links as well!

Blog easier
This awesome blogging tool allows you to use a Java applet (bookmark button) to capture any quote or image from the web. The captured content comes complete with captured working links as well. (try the link in the image above)

Saves you time
This is a huge time saver for those responsible bloggers that want to quote a source. The kwout service provides you with a simple HTML embed for your captured quote. The embed even goes so far as to provide a link to the original article and if you desire…a link to the embed code so anyone else that wishes to share the content and link, may do so.

Observations and complaints
The kwout capture is slow (depending upon the page) It doesn’t bother me though. Its still faster than having to format quotes and links and also linking to give credit to the original source.

The captured text is almost too small to read. I would like to suggest some type of zoom feature for the image if possible. Maybe allow the blogger to increase the size of the captured image prior to the embed.

I saw this on TechCrunch and figured that it was worthwhile sharing it with you guys. (see link under widget)

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