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I have been using Pownce a lot lately, i truly like it, i like the community in it, i like the system even with all the incredible flaws and shortcomings it got. but for being developed by a team of pretty much 2 people is quite impressive to say the least.

One of the things i don`t like is that there are no offical widgets because the creator (Leah Culver) seems not to be fond of widgets, even if the so called desktop app is pretty much a glorified widget done in Adobe AIR.

But all in all i like it and use it because i like the thinking behind it and the community that is in it, and one of the examples of a good Powncer is without a doubt Zach Chrisholm that took the task of making up a good widget to use for his needs so he made a Pownce Badge Generator where you can pick a theme based on the original ones and you are able to easily choose the size of the widget and then just generate a flash code so you can put the badge everywhere you want to.

Here you can see how an actual pownce badge looks and works or if you prefer to see it in context you can visit Zack Tumblr

The only things i would like to be added is more fonts, more themes and maybe a little retouching to the graphics, everything is already perfect just the way it is, so if you use pownce i recommend you to grab this badge, you can also request invites from me, i got a unlimited supply of them or add me to your pownce friends.

Pownce Badge Generator

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