Happy New Year To All

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So long 2007, so long.

We got to see so much changes for what widgets where considered a year ago that it has been overwhelming how much thing changed in the span of a year to the widget market.

We sure cannot even being to predict what kind of wonders will bring the new year but i am sure it will be even more exciting:

Some of the things i expect to see are:

  1. Truly powerful and useful widgets thanks to Flex and Silverlight
  2.  More blurring of the lines thanks to new hybrid widgets getting into the desktops thanks to the very same plugins.
  3. Widget as mobile apps getting noticed and used broadly
  4. Modular widgets implementations getting inside all kind of web services
  5. Widget support in E-mail
  6. Feedsync derived Widgets
  7. Google and Yahoo caving in and finally giving direct support for Windows Vista Sidebar
  8. Web to Vista sidebar and OS X dashboard in one click from all major distribuitors
  9. a war of universal widget platforms
  10. widgets getting into appliances, from frames to kitchen boards.

Seems pretty exciting things to look forwards, so lets see if i get them all right.

In the meantime have a awesome New Year Eve Dinner, make a toast for the future and then head on to it with glee.

Happy New year Everyone, Feliz Año Nuevo a todos from Widgets Lab.



  1. jessie says:

    happy new year! just passing by and i hope all your hopes and dreams come true for 2008.

  2. Avatar says:

    thank you jessie, the same for you

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