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Vista Sidebar Wallpaper Changer Gadget

December 27th, 2007


Like most long time PC users i love to change around my wallpaper constantly,some times out of boredom, other because of a certain mood,etc. if you know what i mean and identify then you will be glad to know that there is now a pretty handy Vista Sidebar Gadget to do just that.


This Gadget will allow you to preview and select a batch of wallpapers you can set to change in a automatic or manual fashion. it also offers more option for you to set you wallpaper just like you want it to be.

The idea is very simple and yet thanks to the execution of the gadget, you will wish the features would have been in the MS Slideshow Gadget from the let go.

Desktop Wallpaper Changer Gadget     <- Direct Download Link via Softpedia

A future iteration of the gadget will allow for a full Dreamscene like Features, i will update the post when that happens

*UPDATE 05/10/08* For some reason the link turned dead and now is no longer on Live Gallery. i have updated the link to a Softpedia Link. i have also saved the gadget just in case it suddenly dissapears and it needs to be hosted elsewhere. thanks for those that wrote me bringing the broken link to my attention. 

Vista Sidebar Tivo Gadget

December 27th, 2007


A Tivo gadget is not something you would have expected to see one year ago but thanks to the new Tivo Configurations and Mike Swanson now you can enjoy of this great widget if you are a Tivo and Vista user.

i will not try to rewrite the feature descriptions of the widget so i will quote from the source:

  • Configure Folders if you want shows from the same series to be grouped together (like Kitchen Nightmares in the screenshot).
  • When the gadget notices a new recording, it will ding (if you have sound enabled).
  • If you configure more than one TiVo, click the friendly name of the unit (like Downstairs in the screenshot) to switch to the next unit.
  • Click the name of the show to see its description. The details flyout will contain more data in a future version…just didn’t have time to add it for the first release.
  • Your settings will survive a gadget removal/add thanks to Todd Northrop’s handy Settings Manager for Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets.
  •  When the gadget refreshes its data, it will close any groups that are open. While not technically a bug, it is annoying, and I hope to improve this later


One last thing to note here is that the nature of this widget is of course above average and quite specific so it requires a non standard installation and instructions you need to follow and you will find in Mike Swanson site:

Tivo Gadget for Vista

This is a great example on how the Vista Gadgets are getting more sophisticated even when they are not Silverlight enabled and look forward to see more of this kind of widgets next year.

via Mike Swanson

Clockx: Vista Like Widget Clock with Calendar and Alarm for your desktop

December 27th, 2007


Clockx is not a run of the mill Widget, it is more like a Widget app in the sense that you do a stand alone installation to display but even then, the thinking behind it is to behave and look like a widget  i decided to write about it because it is really good and simple.


The good things about this desktop widget is that it has the following qualities:

    1.-It is a easier to see clock than the one that comes by default
    2.-It is a very good and simple Alarm clock with a reminders board
    3.-It is a quick view/use calendar
    4.-it consume very little resources (from 1mb to 3mb of ram)
    5.-It comes with over 100 skins so you can find a look you will like and you can  
even make skins for it very easily.

    I now use it everyday so, this is one widget i can recommend you with joy.

    A extra plus of this widget is that you can use it in XP and Vista no matter if you are running at 32 or 64 bits, and that is a plus i know will make this desktop widget a must.


    via The How-to geek

    Shoutwire News and Entertainment

    December 26th, 2007

    Widget has Flash and Java versions through Widgetbox

    Shoutwire is a news and entertainment source on the web. They have created a Widgetbox widget so bloggers can display Shoutwire content on their Blog and Myspace pages.

    Widget Images:


    Comes in two sizes:


    With 12 color choices, custom title and content display options:


    Proof of Flash and JavaScript options:


    Check out the Shoutwire widget today!

    for custom options you will need a Widgetbox account…don’t worry, they are FREE!

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