Yahoo! Browser Mp3 Player 2.0: Also a Overlay Widget for your Blog

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Yahoo just released the second version of their Browser Mp3 Player, and this time around you can play your own music, what is the best thing about it?, that it will render as a Overlay Widget in your blog so it can save you up some sidebar space.

and this is not just a Play Button, this is a fully featured widget like the best of their kind as you will see in this step by step demonstration of how it looks and  acts in a blog thanks to Ian Rogers that is running it in his blog:

1.-The Overlay Live Sign


(actual size of how it looks in a blog tucked at the side showing off a green signal that there are playable tracks you can listen )

2.-Default Player Configuration


(Once you Hover with the cursor the Player will show itself)

3.-Expanded Player With Info Display


(Once you click on the expand pointer at the side, it will show the track playing with its information)

4.-Expanded Player With Info Display Along Playlist


(Once you click on the playlist pointer tab it will also give you the playlistt where you can easily navigate and change songs)

5.-Full view at real size of the Yahoo Browser Mp3 Player


(Open the photo in a new Tab or Window to see real size  )

and there you got it, all thanks to a simple JS script that you put in your blog along a simple link list.

wonderful?, it is, so check it out if you want to use this form factor instead of a blog sidebar widget.

New Yahoo! Mp3 Browser Player

Install and Instruction Page (where it is referred as Yahoo Media Player????,unless it starts playing video and photos, that is very wrong, or maybe that is the intention for later? )

via Techcrunch

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