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This Widget can play music, sports a playlist and looks like nothing truly special but that is not so true, Yahoo Easy Listener really go all the way to make it deserving of such a name because it is easy to use, configure, customize, install but more importantly is easy to put music in itt because it can take the music you have linked in your blog and play it, play tracks you point to it or simply play the mp3 files of any Url or RSS feed you point at it.

now, that is a truly easy to use widget to have,


and since it is done in flash you put it anywhere and it will run but that is not all, take a look at the code genarator screenshot below and you wil note that it can also go anywhere thank to the borad customization and form factors allowed for the widget, and that is what makes it a truly must have widget and one of the best Flash based Mp3 player widget you can find


Details of the Widget

Code Generator


  1. Frank C says:

    I made a similar music widget on the Clearspring platform . The other day I realized I could use their platform to convert my online widgets to offline widgets, like yahoos. Give it a try registration takes like 10 seconds.

  2. This is really great! I might use this on my blog :). Thanks for the tip!

  3. soundtrackgeek » We’re really glad that you found something you like. Music related widgets are very popular and I am actually surprised it took Yahoo! this long to realize this.
    Have a great day!

  4. Frank C » Can you provide us a link to the widget you have created?
    We really like to see readers creations in the widget world.


  5. Avatar says:

    Glad everyone likes it πŸ™‚

  6. rich says:

    I LOVE THIS .. =P

  7. Avatar says:

    rich » Glad you do Rich πŸ™‚

  8. I am new to this. Can you help me understand how to get music on Easylistener. I would like to have a list of music that one could click and play. What do you mean by “point” easylistener at the music you would like to play? Thanks in advance for you help!

  9. You need to upload your music to the net somewhere and then grab the web address that points to that music. The web address is what you will have to put into the Yahoo widget to make it work.

  10. Don777 says:

    I like this player, but is there a code to insert that can make it auto shuffle on start up?


  11. Avatar says:


    auto play and auto shuffle? no, just auto play. but please don´t do it. there is nothing more annoying that when someone auto plays.

  12. NascarB says:

    What about a buy link? Any suggestions on a widget which offers a buy link?

  13. a2000 says:

    Does anyone know if this widget was created in Flex 3 or Flash CS3? Just wondering, cause it is pretty rad and wanted to see how it was done.

  14. Avatar says:

    @a2000: flash: when you see a Flex object you will see the flex loader first. it ensures that flex loads right. another thing is that having a flex widget for this would be a waste and would do the object heavier.

  15. Valdir says:

    Como criar um playlist

  16. Orlando says:

    How can you prevent people from doing a right click and downloading songs on your player??

  17. Avatar says:

    not with a option. for that you would need another player different than that one..

  18. omni says:

    Now that this code generator is no longer available, does anyone know how I can manually add the AutoPlay attribute to my original? Thanks! (o)

  19. Stevie says:


  20. blueflake says:

    As of today, 9th of July 2009, Easy Listener doesn’t work anymore for me anymore, seems to be down. πŸ™

    I won’t be using hosted flash players anymore, I don’t want to depend on other people’s services more than necessary. Too bad Easy Listener wasn’t available for standalone usage.

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