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SproutBuilder is a new startup that has created a web-based widget creation tool that allows you to use drag-and-drop options and a photo editor style interface to create widgets.

It should be real easy for a novice creator to build widgets with a professional appearance and function that would normally require experienced coders and mucho dinero! (a lot of developers are gonna be pissed!)

The tool itself is built with Adobe Flex, and features a ton of options. Embed videos, audio files, add images and RSS feeds as well as third-party services including Google Charts and Meebo Chat are available for your widgets as well.
You have control of such things as shading effects, bevel, glow and blur. Color gradients and shapes.

The widgets you create are Flash embeds that are completely viral and auto update when you publish changes.

The list is long…too long to put here. Watch the demo video below.

This is a really new tool and does contain some glitches such as disappearing pointer issues and restrictive browser requirements (Firefox 2.0 and I.E. 7 recommended)

But it is easy to see that a ton of work has been put into Sprout. Its well worth the time to visit and play around with the features and maybe even create a cool widget.

Here’s my ten minutes of play with this killer tool.

See Read/Write Web for possible early beta invites and a excellent review by Marshall K.

See also Mashable

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