Widgetop: Widget focused Start page for your PC and Mobile

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Widgetop is a start page focused entirely on widgets that works pretty nice and makes all dead simple to use, so if you like widgets and like the idea of having a start page like that intead of the usual ones, you can try this one out.

widgetop desktop

The edge Widgetop has over other Start Page services is that you can also have a mirrored version of your regular Widgetop start page you use in your PC on your mobile.

widgetop iphone

Right now it only works on high end Nokia Phones and the Iphone but with the next gen Mobile browsers  releases being around the corner you will be able to use it in a windows mobile or symbian device soon enough.

My only niggle with the service right now is that it don´t support IE7 yet, something i find insulting, how a service like this can not support IE is beyond me, so i hope they get their act together soon.

the same goes for not having a windows mobile version of their desktop, but that one i can understand, but it would be nice if they had it already without having to wait for the new opera, firefox and IE mobile releases.


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