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February 29th, 2008


The have not been many news coming from the Mashup Event that took place at london just yesterday and that was focused on Widgets. but one of the best info and tidbit that has come out from it comes from Last.FM  now owned by the CBS talking about how having a  API help a web service and widgets get  high spread, better reach and more users.

last fm

This is already known just by looking how Twitter main usage and strain to the service comes from the sub services and widgets using their API that their web site.

But it is good to have it on record from one of the big players:

CBS-owned says 3rd party web widgets hooked into its API added 19 million music users to its user base in January, in addition to the 21 million active users accessing the service through the site itself. As a result it has launched a dedicated showcase site to highlight the best widgets and tools. The site opened to developers in 2003 but has not set up a dedicated home for them at Some of the widgets that have come from this innovation include a tool that shows favourite CD covers on WordPress blogs, a tool that graphs music preferences and one that tracks listening habits on a user’s mobile phone.

This proves that now you don´t only need to offer widgets fro your services but offer a API so users and third parties can create more Widgets and better widgets. this will of course consume resources from you but if you have a solid business model or are looking to grow enough to be attractive to bigger companies this is a sure way to do it. proves widgets work – but do the Brits get it?

Via TechCrunch UK

Xdrive File Storage Capacity Meter Widget and Gadget

February 29th, 2008


Xdrive is a web file storage service like or the now direct competitor SkyDrive from Microsoft Windows Live Services. Skydrive just launched last week in 38 countries and now bears the same 5 gigs capacity that Xdrive offers for its free users, so it no wonder they have no updated their service and are now offering a better File Management App done AIR as a response to that.

But just as AOL has updated the service and started offering a AIR app, the Xdrive dev community has taken to themselves to offer Xdrive Usage Widgets.  so you can download a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget for Xdrive and a OS X Dashboard Widget if you are user of Xdrive.

Windows Vista Sidebar

xdrive win

By Mark Blomsma

Xdrive Capacity Meter for Windows Vista Sidebar

Mac OS X

os x

By John Fronck

Xdrive Capacity Meter for Mac OS X Dashboard

So if you are using the Xdrive service, these are some cool and useful widgets to have, and you could also built your own thanks to the Xdrive API.

AOL Xdrive

Zinc 3.0: Flash and Flex Widget Development Software

February 29th, 2008

zinc 3.0

Zinc 3.0 is Flash and Flex Fast Development Software suite for those that develop in Flash and Flex and want to make the development process faster and give it High Spread easily by making whatever you develop completely Cross Platform for Windows, OS X and now even Linux.

With this suite you can also enable Flash and Flex Widget, Widget App and Web services as Desktop Apps. this is an alternative to the very same Adobe is doing with AIR. AIR is pretty much a Loader/Launcher Platform to enable Flash, Flex and Web Content as Desktop Application. the difference is that this do not needs of AIR to work and includes it own development platform, tools and software suite to make the apps.

So it is a direct alternative to AIR that right now that while it enjoy of many advantages over current AIR development but that will be only of interest to people really into Flash and Flex advanced development.

Zinc 3.0

While it is hard for Zinc to make as good as it could have been done without Adobe AIR around it is still a powerful, mature and cost efficient  enough alternative to check out.

I will be interested to know how it does when things like Thermo and other quick AIR development solutions by Adobe launch now that AIR is finally out.

Zinc 3.0

via Multidmedia

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*Update*: corrected a line, clarify some things to a commenter in this thread.

TypePad Mippin Blog Mobilization Widget

February 29th, 2008


Yes, a TypePad adjusted wdget, i know that TypePad is rarely talked about but it still got lot of users and this Widget is also the first update to the TypePad Widgets page in a long time so it is worth note it.

I would usually rewrite a description or give further description of what a widget does because mosr of the copy writing in most widget descriptions is either too short or convoluted but since this is not the case with the copy writing for this widget i will quote directly what this widget is about:

Mippin is the fastest and most elegant way to mobilise your blog. By adding the Mippin widget to your Typepad blog, your readers will learn how to access a mobile version of your blog hosted by Mippin. Its totally free and takes just seconds. The result is a mobile version of your site that looks good on everything from a basic web-capable mobile to an iPhone.


So if you are in TypePad, you may want to check this widget out.

TypePad Widget Page

Direct Widget Installation

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