AOL goes for some Widgets, Acquires Goowy

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AOL has been doing lots of movements in the late 2007, and the news of the very possible Microsoft-Yahoo Merger has made them to move way faster now, they have announced a restructuring of the company. to ensure they are ready to ramp up their arsenal so when/if the MS-Y! deal happens, they can get to be a solid Number 3.

One of those movements from AOL this year was the news that they would be acquiring one of  Derek favorites Widget Companies:



Goowy has two very cool and important Widget properties. the first is a Widgetized WebOS they were finishing testing on and that remains one of the very best in the WebOS niche so it should get better and now synced with AOL services and  some special widgets too.

Making it a viable WebOS for many, now is pretty clear that the development will be more continuous and it is here to stay .

Goowy WebOS

goowy webtop

This means that now they can have a more robust e-mail, IM and data solutions working on the webtop from AOL.


The second property is Yourminis. a seasoned Widget developer, Widget Ads and Widget Metrics  provider that now should  fix all the Widget focused demands from AOL; something they sure needed with urgency.

yourminis widgets 

Goowy now rests easy since the competition in the Widget Industry has gotten quite fierce to say the least, and now they don´t have to worry about having to fight risking it all to get a prominent place in it, they got it assured thanks to this.

AOL is now in a good position to integrate Goowy widget properties so they can take advantage of all its previous potential and development.



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