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MyBlogLog Main Attraction has always been the Recent Readers Widget, and i am very happy to finally see they have updated it for good!.

At the time the First Recent Readers Widget came out, it looked ok, even good for some, but after a little while, the competition started ramping up and most of the competitors widgets default looks were better than the one from MyBlog Log, that was ok when they were independent since they had to worry more about making everything work, but after Yahoo came along it simply became unacceptable to many.

While there were Options to Customize it and Some Non Official Themes, it is always better when the default theme editor in a widget is good to begin with.

The new MyBlogLog has a quite familiar look Yahoo Widgets User will be very familiar with, and that is good because Yahoo Widgets still remain as some of the best looking widgets out there even to this day.

MyBlogLog Widget 

This is the New Standard Configuration of the MyBlogLog Recent Readers Widget, and as you can easily see, this looks way better than the first one, and now counts with a FlyOver Tab that shows you the Visiting Reader Info and also gives you easy access for you to see his MyBlogLog  Community and Add it to your contacts.

The Widget Still Remains a JS Widget, so this is not a Everywhere Widget but thankfully, JS is now functional in 80% of all Social Networks, so it should not be much of a problem for most.

                     MyBlog Widget 2

This is the Second Widget Configuration where you can allow Multiples Columns and even Disable the FlyOver Tab if you want to.

                        MyBlogLog Widget Choice

This are the Widget Settings i used in the Second Widget Configuration, you will note the options include several colors, one column or multiple columns, Size of the Visitor Picons, Where do you want the FlyOut Tab to Position or if you don´t want it to be active in the widget, that is useful because that way you can place it into a header, footer or sidebar without having a worry the FlyOut Tab will work as it should.

The Size Configuration only include a very limited combination of General Width and Numbers Of Rows that are truly meaningless because it will never allow more than 3-4 given you cannot choose the format you want the widget in into the Size selections. so that must be still in the pipeline for now.

There no CSS customization for now, but in the MyBlogLog post, they hint it will be included and even entice for it being more than just being able to put your own CSS, so we will see.

To conclude it is great to finally see a Worthy Update for one of the most important Blog Widgets and one very important addition to this new widget is the fact you can RIGHT CLICK in it and open in a new tab if you want, that was one of the huge flaw the first vesion had if you ddin´t had the widget in the basic configuration.

Another reason for this recent update could be that the competitors are updating their Widgets as well.

If you want to know more about this widget, just go to the MyBlogLog Blog Post

Recent Reader Widget – Putting on the Gloss



  1. kristy says:

    where do i get this? I have been going around in circles trying to find this thing.

  2. Avatar says:

    Glad you found it Kristy. come back soon. 🙂

  3. ain says:

    may i know, hoe to make recent readers widget just like yours. i want it simple like that.

  4. Avatar says:

    This is actually the outdated version. but i will post a way to make these out.

  5. Per your request:
    I have emailed you the code.

    This is the exact code we use to get the MyBlogLog widget to look the way it does.

    You will have to replace the mblID number with your own to get it to work with your account. Also you can adjust the width by changing the width=900 number.

    The FFFFFF and the 333333 are color numbers that you can change as well. Just use any online color wheel or color picker to get the color you desire.

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