Samsung TouchWiz Phone UI comes with Widget Desktop

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It is not like if am looking for Widget News in the mobile world, but as i follow the tech world asa whole i do stumble more and more with Widget related news on the mobile industry. not surprising that is something i expected to happen this year.

What i did not expected was that the first Widgetized Mobile Desktop could come from Samsung of all the mobile companies. but on the other hand, they didn`t got to be the new #2 (making motorola fall to #3 )in the Mobile Industry in 2007 just because.

How this Happened?

Well, it is very simple, i have noted that the best innovation done in terms of Mobile Phone OSes comes from the expericence and technology learned while developing a Boutique or High End Mobile phone.

In the case of LG, they came up with the Prada Phone, a Full Touch Screen Phone with a design that precedes the Iphone, and from what they gained the Viewty, Apple First Iphone, the Special Windows Mobile offerings that carried new exclusive interfaces like the shadow among others and lately the work done by HTC and SE for the Windows Mobile Powered Xperia X1 in a effort to make the best Windows Mobile Powered Phone until now.

What the phones that sprung the best advancements got in common? their high price.

Allowing the Phone Companies to invest in Research and Development of the phones without looking at the expenses. the good thing is that all that work used in the High End and boutique phones benefit all of the other Phone offerings in those companies.

And that is how we get to samsung. Samsung developed and Armani Phone. a Boutique phone where they had to really step up their game and develop what is the direct counter attack to  LG Prada phone. Who could have said that Fashion Designers Feuds could get to have a positive technological effect in mobile phones?…

Me neither, but so it happened.

And from what it was learned thanks to the expenses of the Armani Phone and the “developed for Armani Phone” Croix UI, comes the new Samsung Mobile Phone UI:


Designed for the F480 and F490 High end phones, that give both Iphone and even the yet to Release Xperia X1 the notice that there is going to be another phone up to their level this year. making this year Mobile Phone releases the most exciting year ever when you combine all that is slated from all the companies.

The TouchWiz UI is somewhat like a mix of Iphone Mobile Mac OS X, The Prada, The Viewty and some Windows Vista Like (yes, vista, keep reading) aspects thrown into it.

It counts with a Widgetized Mobile Desktop that takes a page from Windows Vista Sidebar and the Vista desktop where you have a Widgets Sidebar and you can unlock Widgets into the Desktop and drag them around and position them in the same way you do with the top end Vista Gadgets and Silverligtht Gadgets.

Something truly impressive for being a Phone…

it even has a Wallpaper Changer Widget just like the one in the Vista Sidebar or the one i wrote about

So yeah. i love that idea of translating something like that as the idea for a mobile desktop.

Seeing this has convinced me i will get to see al my widget predictions for 2008 to come true well before the year end, maybe even for mid year

But look at the video and judge for yourself.

(i hope you catch it before samsung comes knocking)

Via Phone Scoop

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