DailyMotion now offering Embed HD Video Players

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Starting today, a shift to offering HD video in Embeddable form starts from the biggest online video providers in competition to YouTube. the first big competitor in place to the race is Dailymotion, the online video provider most remember as the way to go before Hulu existed and that later on when the Oline Video Copyright fallout happened decided to concentrate their efforts in being the first option for the European market.

Dailymotion now is offering HD Video in a Embeddable form but the first impressions are not really good. the bandwith burning is taking a toll more on their side that in the users side and the so called HD Video is being touted as Good Resolution and Very Good Resolution. i agree with these sentiments.

then you have to add the fact that there is no true premium content in HD they can offer to show as a compensation for this shortcomings and the situation turns even worse.

Mybe it is the fact that users can easily compare what a HD video in embeddable forms looks like thanks to Vimeo HD?. and while Vimeo HD  don´t has premium content it does have a great community, great platform and a great  video player design. so good that now more and more new Vimeo users are break the terms of services of the sites because they want to have premium content in Vimeo Video Players.


You can have a look at it here:

DailyMotion HD

But given the fact that Vimeo is still a smaller operation compared to daily motin, the growing goes are not as severe and the limitations brought by offering HD video also don´t affect their platform. credit must then be given to Dailymotion for stepping up and being the first mayor provider in offering the option.

I do think they have a good shot to improve and thirve faster because of this. because it is costing them a hard time to upgrade to HD. just imagine how hard it will result to YouTube to try to follow into  HD. even with Google Back up.

Dailymotion – in High Definition, in a new player!


  1. john harper says:

    It is sad to say – but I am unsubscribing to your blog – why – the autoplay videos you post. It drives me nuts trying to find which of your posts has the annoying video going in my rss reader.

    let me know if you decide to give me the choice to play them or not

  2. Avatar says:

    i am sorry to read that john, but the only auto play videos in the whole blog are from one post of mine

    Grand Theft Auto 4 and that is because they don`t have a choice to deactivate.

    and one bon jovi post from Derek. other than that we avoid posting anything with auto play.

  3. John, I have to agree with you on this.
    However, we do like to post actual working widgets if possible. just so the reader has the ability to decide right away if its something they would use or not.
    Unfortunately, as Avatar has pointed out…some of these “widgets” lack a full set of options and as widgets become more of an advertisement medium and less of an entertainment item, I fear we will lose more choices.
    From now on, I will attempt to replace “auto-play” widgets with images and links (with warnings about auto-play)

    Thanks for your feedback

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