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February 26th, 2008 by Derek Anderson Leave a reply »

Google has created another fine tool for bloggers to use.

The “Chat Badge” will allow the visitors of your blog to see that you are logged in to Google Talk and available to chat.

Get your Chat Badge here.

There is no need for your visitors to be using any type of corresponding chat software. They can simply click on the badge to start a conversation with you!
No more using the likes of Plugoo or relying on Meebo to interact with your readers. (this is an Iframe widget)

Here is one question though…Will this type of chat be saved to your Gmail like a regular chat between two users of Google Talk?


I thank google blogoscoped for the news!

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  1. Andy Gill says: is a new Widget that allows users to embed live chat into their website. It is designed for websites that want to increase sales and improve customer service. is currently at beta stage and is free.

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