Lessons in building a Better Widget

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iMedia Connection 4 widget best practices

A great way to measure how successful something is to start counting how many Marketing, Advertising and Business articles start to appear around a subject or product in just one week on a certain Field.

In this case Marketing is the name of the game for widgets, or so was last week even if it took some days after for most to notice.

imedia connection Michael Leis got a great article about how including widgets into the marketing layout of a product campaign no matter if it is a TV show or even Clothes can enhance the engagement of a consumer or viewer by connecting relevant information from the product and add some level interaction with the overall user experience with what is being marketed.

Something that in turns means more money and better mindshare.

all of this are already given points for many but reading a detailed account on a real case scenario always helps to put what is already known in hand with what happened and how you perceive what is being used as a example helping you tune your knowledge in the matter.


Lessons inbuilding a better widget

This article complements perfectly the other Imedia Widget related article and Derek now famous post in this blog.

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