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We have already seen some Twitter Gadgets (widgets) made in Silverlight, but they didn`t enjoyed of the benefits of having any sort of High Spread qualities or being simple enough for when you just don`t want the quite ugly regular Twitter Widget in your blog or you want to share your status in a simple widget that can go anywhere, even to your Vista Sidebar and Facebook at the same time you use in your blog.

And that is exactly what this silverlight gadget is about, being able to build your own widget/gadget how you want it in a very easy way and that this widget is able to go places.

All of this is possible thanks to Pofly. Popfly is the supreme Mashup editor and Silverlight Gadget maker because it lets you work in a way that you can`t even compare to others and it can take data of Yahoo Pipes and Dapper if you need to start elsewher efor what you are going to do or if you are more on the pro side you can use data directly from Visual Studio 2008 or Expression Studio if what you are going to do is more advanced.

This Silverlight Twitter Gadget in particular was done by Rohan Thomas on Popfly in a matter of minues and he explains you how do it yourself if you want to re-do it, or you could direclty tweak it in Popfly now that it is open to everyone. but reading Rohan post first is still recommended:

Quick, cool and useful Twitter app for my blog with popfly!

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