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Yes, a TypePad adjusted wdget, i know that TypePad is rarely talked about but it still got lot of users and this Widget is also the first update to the TypePad Widgets page in a long time so it is worth note it.

I would usually rewrite a description or give further description of what a widget does because mosr of the copy writing in most widget descriptions is either too short or convoluted but since this is not the case with the copy writing for this widget i will quote directly what this widget is about:

Mippin is the fastest and most elegant way to mobilise your blog. By adding the Mippin widget to your Typepad blog, your readers will learn how to access a mobile version of your blog hosted by Mippin. Its totally free and takes just seconds. The result is a mobile version of your site that looks good on everything from a basic web-capable mobile to an iPhone.


So if you are in TypePad, you may want to check this widget out.

TypePad Widget Page

Direct Widget Installation

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