Xdrive File Storage Capacity Meter Widget and Gadget

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Xdrive is a web file storage service like Box.net or the now direct competitor SkyDrive from Microsoft Windows Live Services. Skydrive just launched last week in 38 countries and now bears the same 5 gigs capacity that Xdrive offers for its free users, so it no wonder they have no updated their service and are now offering a better File Management App done AIR as a response to that.

But just as AOL has updated the service and started offering a AIR app, the Xdrive dev community has taken to themselves to offer Xdrive Usage Widgets.  so you can download a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget for Xdrive and a OS X Dashboard Widget if you are user of Xdrive.

Windows Vista Sidebar

xdrive win

By Mark Blomsma

Xdrive Capacity Meter for Windows Vista Sidebar

Mac OS X

os x

By John Fronck

Xdrive Capacity Meter for Mac OS X Dashboard

So if you are using the Xdrive service, these are some cool and useful widgets to have, and you could also built your own thanks to the Xdrive API.

AOL Xdrive

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