Zinc 3.0: Flash and Flex Widget Development Software

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zinc 3.0

Zinc 3.0 is Flash and Flex Fast Development Software suite for those that develop in Flash and Flex and want to make the development process faster and give it High Spread easily by making whatever you develop completely Cross Platform for Windows, OS X and now even Linux.

With this suite you can also enable Flash and Flex Widget, Widget App and Web services as Desktop Apps. this is an alternative to the very same Adobe is doing with AIR. AIR is pretty much a Loader/Launcher Platform to enable Flash, Flex and Web Content as Desktop Application. the difference is that this do not needs of AIR to work and includes it own development platform, tools and software suite to make the apps.

So it is a direct alternative to AIR that right now that while it enjoy of many advantages over current AIR development but that will be only of interest to people really into Flash and Flex advanced development.

Zinc 3.0

While it is hard for Zinc to make as good as it could have been done without Adobe AIR around it is still a powerful, mature and cost efficient  enough alternative to check out.

I will be interested to know how it does when things like Thermo and other quick AIR development solutions by Adobe launch now that AIR is finally out.

Zinc 3.0

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*Update*: corrected a line, clarify some things to a commenter in this thread.


  1. StopTheHype says:

    It’s pretty obvious that you’ve never actually tried to use Zinc for a REAL project or you wouldn’t be comparing it to AIR. Zinc’s “development tools” are a half-implemented layer of ActionScript over a set of bloated and buggy native code APIs. They do have some very pretty graphics, but when you look under the bun there’s no meat there. Access violations. Mystery crashes. Missing features on various platforms. Limited support for older versions of OSX, horrible support for Linux. Comparing Zinc to AIR is like comparing a mud hut to the Sistine Chapel.

  2. Avatar says:


    I have never been one of those Blogger in fear to discuss, clarify or rectify my own posts like so many in the main Tech Blogs, so i will give you some points on my posts and lets you know that i rectify a line at the end of my post along make a indication i have replied to a relevant comment. i could have censored the comment but i am not like other bloggers, so i prefer to respond to you directly:

    1.-I have never said that Zinc 3.0: was better than AIR, when i talk about Zinc 3.0. i only talk about the comparative strengths and features offered by the product compared to the current state of AIR development.

    As i am very interested in new RIA technologies, i have checked what AIR (flash, flex and else), Silverlight and even JavaFX (to give sun the benefit of the doubt) have to offer right in this minute to common developers or small development teams.

    AIR development has been very selective and the better apps done in AIR have been either sponsored or helped directly by Adobe or come from quite advanced development teams that do not classify as common or small. one example would be the guys at buzzword that got bought by adobe or the guys at Trillian that can do stuff with flash 9 that anyone can see is advanced.

    the reason for this is that there are not software development suites in the configuration like this one from Zinc 3.0, and that is all, if Thermo and AIRbase would be out right now i could and would have compared them to Zinc, but since i cannot do it yet, i must act as if they didn`t existed. maybe adobe decided to ship thermo and AIRbase tomorrow and just by a simple glance it will be the obvious superior choice. i will then blog about it and make a mention to zinc 3.0 as i better see fit to imply what changed. but that have not happened, so even if happen to know, the general public don`t-

    2.- just by looking at your e-mail address i can tell you are not a fan of the company that produces Zinc 3.0, so just by that i get the feeling i have already said too much.

    3.-as i have no way to verify your claims, there is no way to take them in a objective form. and it is obvious i have not developed with it, it was a reporting post, not a review or analysis of the Zinc 3.0.

    that is all, still thanks for your comment.

  3. SOG knives says:

    Interesting ideas… I wonder how the Hollywood media would portray this?

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