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Sony Mylo 2 : Now with Widget Platform and Widget Network

February 28th, 2008

In further proof that Widgets are now a commodity and also work as a lure for personal devices, the Sony Mylo 2 now got it`s own Widget Platform and Widget Network.

Starting this March Developer will be able to register into the Mylo Widget Platform and upload their Widgets into the Mylo widget Network.

The Widgets will be XML based according to the now scarce documentation but given the mock up shots it is clear that thanks to the kind of device in questions widgets will be able to be more powerful than those in most cellphones and up in par to High End Symbian and  Windows Mobile Smart Phones.

Even then, this new interest for Widgets is not something someone would have expected from Sony but it is clear that the pressure put by Nokia and Samsung along the expected redesign of the Sidekick (mylo si the direct competitor) now that Danger has been bought by Microsoft is what made Sony to respond with this bold move.

Now the only question is if this Widget Network will remain only on the Mylo, my guess is that not and it is just being used and the perfect devise to set up the initial stages of a Sony branded Widget Platform and Network. so i will be not surprised if this widgets spread over to the PSP and even make a jump to SE in the near future.

Sony Mylo 2 Widget Platform and Widget Network

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Chumby Widget Network Updates

February 28th, 2008


Continuing from where i left of in my last post about Chumby. the full release of the device is now complete thanks to the latest and greatest update to the Chumby Widget Network up to now that includes all sort of new content, utility and game widgets for use in the device.

chumby 2

Chumby Industries Debuts its Innovative Internet Device and Network
(press release)

via CrunchGear

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Popfly Made Silverlight Twitter Gadget to put everywhere

February 28th, 2008

Silverlight logo

We have already seen some Twitter Gadgets (widgets) made in Silverlight, but they didn`t enjoyed of the benefits of having any sort of High Spread qualities or being simple enough for when you just don`t want the quite ugly regular Twitter Widget in your blog or you want to share your status in a simple widget that can go anywhere, even to your Vista Sidebar and Facebook at the same time you use in your blog.

And that is exactly what this silverlight gadget is about, being able to build your own widget/gadget how you want it in a very easy way and that this widget is able to go places.

All of this is possible thanks to Pofly. Popfly is the supreme Mashup editor and Silverlight Gadget maker because it lets you work in a way that you can`t even compare to others and it can take data of Yahoo Pipes and Dapper if you need to start elsewher efor what you are going to do or if you are more on the pro side you can use data directly from Visual Studio 2008 or Expression Studio if what you are going to do is more advanced.

This Silverlight Twitter Gadget in particular was done by Rohan Thomas on Popfly in a matter of minues and he explains you how do it yourself if you want to re-do it, or you could direclty tweak it in Popfly now that it is open to everyone. but reading Rohan post first is still recommended:

Quick, cool and useful Twitter app for my blog with popfly!

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lolcats javascript image widget

February 26th, 2008

Here is a JavaScript to add the lolcats ( daily image to your blog or site.

The widget/code is designed to display the newest image posted to the web site. When they update their site…your widget updates.



This is a simple and quick widget to add. Just pop over to to grab the code. You might want to look at how the code was put together. You may be able to do something similar with your favorite…who knows what?

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