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FriendFeed Lifestreaming Widget

March 28th, 2008


While there may be better choices in the future of lifestreaming with SocialThing! or a Profilactic offering into this space, or even now with what is being offered by MyBlogLog among others. What people are talking about the most is Friendfeed because it has the timing advantage, i has the notorious founder, the simplicity people like , because you can use it as a search engine to a degree and because it now also got a full API.

That as a whole could make Friendfeed the new twitter. as the service that even if it don`t has the best features, it remains as the synonymous of its niche.

So, what is missing from friendfeed right now?. a widget of course. oh wait, there is one!.

Now you can get it too simply by puting this in your browser:”yourusername”

So in my case it would be:

The Widget is not officially available yet but, you can grab it, and try it out if you want and the only thing you need is your username in the embed friendfeed URL i have just shown you. once you have done it, you will get a widget just like this one:

posted a message on Jaiku
March 22 at 10:00 pm
posted a message on Twitter
March 22 at 10:00 pm

And that would be pretty much it, the widget is not finished, you can expect more features coming to it, but it is pretty similar to the one by MyBlogLog. i would even dare to say they are kind at the same level, but given the API is now out, there is nothing stopping someone from making a way more sophisticated widget than this and since the widget is not finished, it also means that this widget  features could change any minute now.


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MyBlogLog "New With Me" Lifestream Widgets

March 28th, 2008


Remember  when BlogCatalog made their own Lifestream Widget?. well as expected, MyBlogLog has responded with their own widgets, the results?. it does triumph over BlogCatalog Offering because they are offering TWO widgets for different purposes and Blogcatalog only offers one and it is not as complete as the one being offered by MyBlogLog.

This is of course not only because BlogCatalog debuted their Lifestream widget before MyBlogLog, it also responds to FriendFeed, SocialThing and to a degree to Profiliactic in a way that it gives MyBlogLog a little advantage and props to deliver better choices before those services start to offer their widgets in a official form


As it can be seen, the MyBlogLog Lifestream Widget shows your Lifestream and also offers your neighborhood or contacts Lifestream in it, something you can configurate  if you only want to show your lifestream.


They also offer a full page version of the widget that can integrate into websites, or Blog special posts or About pages, a nice option for those wanting to unclude a lifestream into their WordPress Blog that way.

The offerings are new and do need some polish but right now they are ahead of the curve of what the others are offering officially.

MyBlogLog “New With Me” Lifestream Widget


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LiveZUU: A Simple Lifestreaming widget to use everywhere

March 28th, 2008


Lifestreaming aggregation solutions are the new “it” thing in 2008 right now, with the incredible push of hype and media attention Friendfeed and SocialThing! have. some even see Friendfeed as the new twitter. the thing everybody will like to talk about but only the social users will actually try.

But what about a solution that don´t has the hype and only does the job?, usually when something became popular a new almost generic solution appears as a script or as a small service. it is obvious that now, alternate solutions can be completely polished and have their own identity and feel. that is what LiveZUU proves and i will show you here.

LiveZUU service and focus on their own homepage is presented as a omnipresent widget in a minimalistic and full of sobriety environment. no distractions, just the facts.


As you can see, that is your homepage and your dashboard, the dashboard is a curtain you can either pull down or let go up so just your liveZUU widget remains.

You get to see the updates of your services in a very simple widget square that matches the design of the page, this is the default look.


The widget-homepage offers to views of your info:

  • 1.-Your  updates
  • 2.-Your Services

But it is obvious that it would not make sense to just offer you a widget view of your lifestream, so the widget can offer you render pages, one for your friends using LiveZUU and one for your updates put in full display., as you can see your widget changes to view 2 and shows your services while you read render your lifestream or see the general lifestream from your friends.


You can also customize the look of your Widget-homepage with other designs or create your own and upload it to the general designs pool of LiveZUU


And finally, what we are here for, the main widget offerings from the service:



LiveZUU offers one JavaScript  Widget in two versions, useful for Blog sidebars and applicable Social Networks. a Link badge if you want to promote your Lifestream.

And then there is the jewel of the punch. LiveZUU in a very intelligent move leveraged Netvibes UWA and offer a LiveZUU UWA Widget. so that means you can use it in netvibes, mac dashboard, the iphone, itouch, iGoogle, Opera, Windows Vista Sidebar, Windows Live Home and finally the Yahoo Widget Engine.

So, pretty much everywhere. the only version left for LiveZUU to do is a Flash or Silverlight version of their widget for it to be truly Universal.

Interested?, you know the drill…

Netivibes UWA LiveZUU Widget.


AideRSS: PostRanked Feed Widgets

March 27th, 2008


There are many way to filter the noise in the feedosphere and way to get more interesting feedreading thanks to the help of feedreading companions like RSSmeme and Readburner (if you use Google Reader that is)

AideRSS leverages the data from the common meta cosmos into a what could be described as a RSS board tracked and ranked in a combination of authority and momentum from stand alone sources and also seen as a whole. some grades of separations from what technorati or techmeme do.

So AideRSS can be beneficial tool for your feedreading but also can be beneficial to your blog or blogs thanks to AideRSS Script widgets that you can see active in this blog post::

The first one will show you the best posts you have according to AideRSS feed analysis

10 As i predicted: AOL buys Bebo

10 BlogCatalog Aggregated Lifestream News Feed Widget

10 University of Illinois Chicago athletics widget

10 Zinc 3.0: Flash and Flex Widget Development Software

10 TypePad Mippin Blog Mobilization Widget

The Second one will show you a summary of your blog posts as they are ranked by AideRSS so you can see how is your blog performing in a overall perspective and also offer feeds in terms of ranking

Best hits – 97 Posts (31%)
Great posts – 153 Posts (49%)
Well received – 166 Posts (53%)
Full feed – 311 Posts (100%)

As this may still look a little unclear or odd to some, so Having this in mind i also had a little chat with Stephen Paul Weber, who is part of AideRSS team and i must disclose a personal friend of yours truly, so he could explain AideRSS a little further of what i already have:
  • Avatar: tell me what is the difference of AideRSS with other similar offerings?
  • Stephen Paul Weber: the big difference with AideRSS rankings is that they are relative to how well a particular blog does, and not to the whole blogosphere, so little guys don`t get lost in the noise of the top 100
  • Avatar: and how that differentiation is archived? part of your algorythm?
  • Stephen Paul Weber: The algorithm normalizes data against the average recent performance of the feed
  • Avatar: Recent performance being categorized as what? what is healthily performance of the feed so AideRSS can take it on and put it with the rest?
  • Stephen Paul Weber: so, each post is ranked by taking the recent social metrics (delicious, diggs, etc) and normalizing against the metrics reported on other recent posts on the same blog and from that we get a Postrank score between 1-10 for every post
  • Avatar: what do you think of rssmeme and readburner and how do they compare or not compare to Aiderss?

  • Stephen Paul Weber: Readburner is more about tracking stats than rankings, and they only really track one source (shared items)
  • Stephen Paul Weber: both are more about the best of everything — Aiderss is about the best *from one source*

  • Avatar: i see, and from that you filter a common feed or ranked feeds that can be added to other feed readers?
  • Avatar: (if they decided not to use the AideRSS site?)
  • Stephen Paul Weber: right
  • Avatar: ok, got it. thanks for the chat

    Stephen Paul Weber: thanks 🙂 was a pleasure!

*This chat was edited and originally conducted via IM*

There you have it AideRSS cannot only be a companion to your regular feedreading as it is RSSmeme or ReadBurner, it can also be a tool to empower your blog thanks to the widgets offered by AideRSS. i can see it as essential as having a Feedburner Feed. and you can have both, you can also pass your Blog feed via AideRSS and then pass it again over Feedburner for that matter.

The only thing i would want in the term of the widgets is if they could offer more options for them, like a Flash or Silverlight version and maybe even more options or more Widgets to fully utilize the AideRSS service.

If there is Any novelty i will keep you all posted.


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