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BusinessWeek latest Widget related coverage was the most spread that i have seen lately. they not only posted several articles on the subject, but they also made a profile “CEO Guide on the subject. the CEO guide is simply a quick roundup carrousel of little articles from notes that they collected while doing a coverage but it also result in being the biggest “article” by itself. it was out of the question to cover fragment by fragment because that would have been trickery, lame and i hate when sites like Engadget or Gizmodo do that, so i will not do such a thing.

Instead i will give you a quick look of their rundown of notes.

When Facebook Ads Flop

“For every marketing widget that takes off on the social network, dozens bomb. A look at why”

Bad Chemistry

“The Facebook ad, a game that tests knowledge of chemistry elements, flopped.”

Rough Cut

“Blockbuster faces some stiff competition with its Movie Clique widget”

No Need for Speed

“The Need for Speed ProStreet widget lets players of the popular racing game post in-game screen shots and stats to their Facebook profile.”

No Go

“With eBay’s To Go widget, the auction site’s bargain hunters can highlight their favorite eBay discoveries on their Facebook profiles.”

Brandless Is Better

On Christmas Day, the number of people sending Hallmark eCards to their Facebook friends spiked to 961. Still, by Feb. 11, that number had dropped to 233.

Widget Blues

Sony BMG released a Bob Dylan Facebook video widget days before his new album was due in stores on Oct. 1, 2007.

Faux Hip

With the Verizon Tones widget, Facebook users can find a ringtone and suggest it to a friend.

Limited Appeal

the White Stripes got a warm reception for the album Icky Thump, released in June, 2007. Yet, the Facebook widget, which lets fans download a song from the album to their profile pages, got the cold shoulder

Tough Crowd

The Yahoo Finance widget lets money-savvy Facebook users add charts of three stocks to their profiles.

So there you have it, that gives you a quick look of what is covered in the CEO guide for widget and that serves as a direct complement of the Building a Brand With Widgets article.


You can also choose to litsen to complementary podcast on the same:

Widget Podcast

BusinessWeek - CEO Guide To Technology imageWill Price, managing director at Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, talks about advertising on social networks using widgets

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