PollDaddy: now a knowledge pool of polls and surveys

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Polldaddy has come a long way and really matched the meaning of their name and now pretty much dominate firmly in terms of Widget Polls. and thanks to that they are now able to offer a knowledge pool of poll results.

This is useful because it can make the research of certain topics a piece of cake if you have a poll daddy account.

And then it all turns into the new Polldaddy  Answers community where they have put the data out of 300,000 polls for everyone to interact with it.

i know it has been compared to Yahoo Answers already but i see it more of a mix of Digg with Yahoo Answers. it is truly a new kind of beast. and a interesting one for that matter.

I hope they make some new widgets out of this or come with even more angles. my guess is that they will let Polldaddy Answers for a while and then turn the interaction into a social network with profiles and all.


Polldaddy Answers


  1. Polldaddy is a great site and full of resources. It still has a lot more potential to branch out from its focus on polls.

  2. Avatar says:

    @Spa Pools Christchurch: you are right, it is.

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