Google Docs: Spreadsheets Now With Gadgets

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It seems Google way to compensate their shortcomings and lack of features in their Docs offering will be through Gadgets, and i must say that is quite a smart move on their behalf, after all, they have invested a lot of money, resources and time in developing a very robust Gadget Platform so, why not bring that into Google Docs too?.

The first step in this direction is in the Google Spreadsheets where now you will be able to select Gadget while working on them.

The new gadgets work thanks to a new data visualization API that is tied to the gadgets, so the gadgets nature at this moment are information displays and visualization laden gadgets, the spreadsheet gadget can also be reused as iGoogle Gadgets and if a change is made into the document linked to a certain Gadget, the gadget will also update the data and display such changes.

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This is without a doubt a interesting development and i wonder what else they plan to do with something like this.

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If you want to know more about this, you can use the following link:

Google Spreadsheets Adds Gadgets via Google Operative System

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