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Feedreaders are now the way most power users can make sense of the information stream they get to consume everyday, for other that is not enough. they even need ways to sort their feedreading with supplemental services like Readburner (when using Google Reader) or RSSmeme so they can be used as a companion to sort the relevant stories around.

With that in mind RSSmeme is now offering a widget button for those using their service and even those who are not using it but want to leave that option to visitors open.

It consist of a Share Indicator widget button that you can place into a blog and that will be placed along your posts, not in the sidebar so you can get that indicator to light up whenever you post is being shared in RSSmeme. there is also a Feedburner Flare widget button.


pretty simple it is like any other feedburner feedflare indicator or like technorati blog reactions widget button..


RSSmeme Widget

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