Splashcast in the right track, 4 million dlls more raised

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Not that long ago, Derek posted about SplashCast incursion to the MySpace Apps Platform and to that effect, news of SplashCast raising 4 million dlls more do make a lot of sense. they are going to be quite busy and into the  MySpace platform and they should since they seem like the perfect fit for managing media content for brands and artists into custom rich media channels. which is of course what SplashCast pretty much does.

Splashcast is the kind of company needed in the new age where page views are being replaced with user engagement metrics, brand awareness and focused content delivery.

I truly never expected them to take this direction when they started but i bet the lure of Embedded Media marketing was too strong to ignore. this is of course the other side of Widget Advertising and the other kind of widget advertising, one that mixes the content management with marketing and of course the promotion of product, persona via well executed branding.

Something quite boring for most. but since i have a background in Advertising too. i do find it quite interesting. what i would like to know is where SpashCast is headed, the competition in this segment will get stiffer and harder. so while they could be considered neutral in this space compared to ad agents, branding managers and of course widget advertising it is possible that the future of splashcast get turned into that or they turn back to regular consumers with another offering from them.

That is what remains to be seen, but for now, SplashCast is in a good state, so everyone interested in delivering media content should be put on notice.



  1. Mike Berkley says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, I believe you are right on!

  2. Avatar says:

    Thanks Mike,so any additional talk on new consumer level offerings, services coming from splashcast?

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