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While there may be better choices in the future of lifestreaming with SocialThing! or a Profilactic offering into this space, or even now with what is being offered by MyBlogLog among others. What people are talking about the most is Friendfeed because it has the timing advantage, i has the notorious founder, the simplicity people like , because you can use it as a search engine to a degree and because it now also got a full API.

That as a whole could make Friendfeed the new twitter. as the service that even if it don`t has the best features, it remains as the synonymous of its niche.

So, what is missing from friendfeed right now?. a widget of course. oh wait, there is one!.

Now you can get it too simply by puting this in your browser:”yourusername”

So in my case it would be:

The Widget is not officially available yet but, you can grab it, and try it out if you want and the only thing you need is your username in the embed friendfeed URL i have just shown you. once you have done it, you will get a widget just like this one:

posted a message on Jaiku
March 22 at 10:00 pm
posted a message on Twitter
March 22 at 10:00 pm

And that would be pretty much it, the widget is not finished, you can expect more features coming to it, but it is pretty similar to the one by MyBlogLog. i would even dare to say they are kind at the same level, but given the API is now out, there is nothing stopping someone from making a way more sophisticated widget than this and since the widget is not finished, it also means that this widget  features could change any minute now.


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  1. randomwalker says:

    Hi, I made a third party friendfeed embed widget that I think might be a little more useful:

  2. Avatar says:

    @randomwalker: looks good. will test it out and compare. thanks.

  3. noe ruiz says:

    Is there a way to set a certain number of post to display?

  4. Avatar says:

    @noe ruiz: there is no way to do that yet. will update when final version is released.

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