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Lifestreaming aggregation solutions are the new “it” thing in 2008 right now, with the incredible push of hype and media attention Friendfeed and SocialThing! have. some even see Friendfeed as the new twitter. the thing everybody will like to talk about but only the social users will actually try.

But what about a solution that don´t has the hype and only does the job?, usually when something became popular a new almost generic solution appears as a script or as a small service. it is obvious that now, alternate solutions can be completely polished and have their own identity and feel. that is what LiveZUU proves and i will show you here.

LiveZUU service and focus on their own homepage is presented as a omnipresent widget in a minimalistic and full of sobriety environment. no distractions, just the facts.


As you can see, that is your homepage and your dashboard, the dashboard is a curtain you can either pull down or let go up so just your liveZUU widget remains.

You get to see the updates of your services in a very simple widget square that matches the design of the page, this is the default look.


The widget-homepage offers to views of your info:

  • 1.-Your  updates
  • 2.-Your Services

But it is obvious that it would not make sense to just offer you a widget view of your lifestream, so the widget can offer you render pages, one for your friends using LiveZUU and one for your updates put in full display., as you can see your widget changes to view 2 and shows your services while you read render your lifestream or see the general lifestream from your friends.


You can also customize the look of your Widget-homepage with other designs or create your own and upload it to the general designs pool of LiveZUU


And finally, what we are here for, the main widget offerings from the service:



LiveZUU offers one JavaScript  Widget in two versions, useful for Blog sidebars and applicable Social Networks. a Link badge if you want to promote your Lifestream.

And then there is the jewel of the punch. LiveZUU in a very intelligent move leveraged Netvibes UWA and offer a LiveZUU UWA Widget. so that means you can use it in netvibes, mac dashboard, the iphone, itouch, iGoogle, Opera, Windows Vista Sidebar, Windows Live Home and finally the Yahoo Widget Engine.

So, pretty much everywhere. the only version left for LiveZUU to do is a Flash or Silverlight version of their widget for it to be truly Universal.

Interested?, you know the drill…

Netivibes UWA LiveZUU Widget.


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