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Remember  when BlogCatalog made their own Lifestream Widget?. well as expected, MyBlogLog has responded with their own widgets, the results?. it does triumph over BlogCatalog Offering because they are offering TWO widgets for different purposes and Blogcatalog only offers one and it is not as complete as the one being offered by MyBlogLog.

This is of course not only because BlogCatalog debuted their Lifestream widget before MyBlogLog, it also responds to FriendFeed, SocialThing and to a degree to Profiliactic in a way that it gives MyBlogLog a little advantage and props to deliver better choices before those services start to offer their widgets in a official form


As it can be seen, the MyBlogLog Lifestream Widget shows your Lifestream and also offers your neighborhood or contacts Lifestream in it, something you can configurate  if you only want to show your lifestream.


They also offer a full page version of the widget that can integrate into websites, or Blog special posts or About pages, a nice option for those wanting to unclude a lifestream into their WordPress Blog that way.

The offerings are new and do need some polish but right now they are ahead of the curve of what the others are offering officially.

MyBlogLog “New With Me” Lifestream Widget


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