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Toufee: Flex Based Online Flash Movie Maker

March 26th, 2008


I discovered toufee recently and i must say i am impressed by it. it is a Flex based online flash movie maker, it could be considered like a online Windows Movie Maker for Flash Video. simple to use and yet featured enough to do the work.

The Editor is completely Drag and Drop and easy to use, it kinda looks like a desktop WPF app, something i find pretty ironic, but it is a Flex based and you can do the same things you do in a  Windows Movie Maker.

Worth to check out if you want to produce,edit and deploy your Embeddable Flash Video Player from Toufee, and you don´t need to worry it also counts with gigya Widlfire High Spread.


Mariah Carey shares her widget

March 26th, 2008

…and she wants you to touch her body?

The widget is promoting her new single which is titled “Touch my body” and includes the video!


I wouldn’t mind touching that!

Sex and the City movie widget

March 26th, 2008

A Myspace friendly Flash widget that counts down the days until the Sex and the City movie is in theaters.

This widget also offers hot and trendy fashion news stories and a link to the IMDB page for the movie.

Mixwit: Mixtape Cassette Music Playlist Widget

March 26th, 2008


Mixwit, is the kind of thing i was waiting for, like for realz kiddos! . while i have seen all kind of Music Playing Widgets, there is something aesthetically  pleasing and comforting to me about seeing a cassette  rolling in progress while a song plays. something most under 20 will not understand at all right now, but for me it hits the right spot. and this is what Mixwit does, it allows you find music you like, do a playlist   and place into a incredible cool Widget full of neo-retro nostalgia goodness. all thanks to the concept of Digital Objects. and i love Digital Objects.

Something we will get to see more and more as widget progress this year, i can assure you that.

And it is also in the cutting edge, Miwit counts with a Drag and Drop Flex Powered editor where you can pretty much have your own Mixwit Mixtape widget done in less than 5 minutes. and it will look just like the one you see here or even better because you can customize the colors, look and the label in the cassete adding your own customized cassette labels as backgorunds.


I must say that this is my favorite music playlist widget ever so far, so you really should try it out. and don´t worry about it not belonging in your blog or social network, Mixwit Mixtape widgets count with Gigya Wildfire High Spread, so you can counts with plenty of direct install options and a very good generic,embeddable flash code.

mixwit widget

You don´t need to go anywhere to try out the widget, you can try the one in this post because fortunately there is no Auto Play option, so no worries.

I do have one idea i would love to see for Mixwit users, a virtual cassette rack. but other than that, this widget comes with my highest compliments.

Mixwit Mixtapes

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