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iGoogle Artist Themes

April 30th, 2008

If there is something Google is a master besides Search and Advertising, is PR Stunts. the latest is more of a Publicity stunt but it is indeed a good one. offering iGoogle users with more than 100 new Themes thanks to a new series of iGoogle Themes called Artist Themes.


These artist themes count with the participation from mix of individual from all kinds from Snob to Hip and even Geeky creds.

You have themse designed by Beasty Boys, Phillip Starck, PPaper and even guys like Mark Echo, so yeah, quite a mixed bag for everyone

You can access those themes and try the out to make your iGoogle Gadgets look fresh every day at:

iGoogle Artist Themes

Guitar Hero 3 game widget

April 30th, 2008

Guitar Hero is all the rage…still!



Wow…I suck at this!
I can safely say that this is a bitch to play. In order to be effective at this little gem, you will need 5 fingers on your left hand.
Now…you are looking at your left hand and thinking…”this guy is an idiot…most people have 5 fingers on both hands”. You are wrong!

Most people have four fingers and a thumb on their left hand and with this game/widget trying to use your thumb for the fifth fret (or whatever you GH3 fanatics call it) is nearly impossible.

Looks like your index finger will be doing double duty…at least on the “Hard” song.



Speaking of songs…
There are three songs to choose from so your fingers wont’ become too sore. However, developer Rocket XL and Activision have seen fit to create a contest of sorts with this widget.
Supposedly if you maintain top ten status (un-determined amount of time) you become eligible to win prizes.

Quite a clever marketing idea with this widget. Should prove to boost sales for GH3 and quite possibly promote more sales of the upcoming GuitarHero Aerosmith to be released in June 2008

How do I get it?
Copy and paste baby…thats how.

Here is the code for this Flash widget that you can pop into your blog, Myspace page or just about anywhere you can edit layouts. Watch out though…its 461 pixels wide. Safe for most Myspace pages but many blog sidebars aren’t that wide.

Here’s where I found it:

Netvibes migrates all their users to Ginger

April 29th, 2008


Proving that they just cannot stay still more than a week, Netvibes announced today in the Netvibes  Blog that it was time all users got acquainted with Ginger. the great new Startpage engine now running for all.


This move marks the point where Netvibes officially lets everyone to compare their Startpage to the big 3 and with the now acquired PageFlakes that once was the best and most advanced Startpage.

Ginger is truly the sucessor to all the current Startpages and compared to it`s competition it could be considered next-gen, because it is simply that advanced compared to them.

Yet anything can happen, and it is not expected for them to stay this far away of the competition featurewise. iGoogle, is making their move, AOL acquired Goowy (Yourminis) and it is probable they could end up being part of the new MyAOL startpage. and anything can happen in My.Yahoo and even if they keep separated ways. the only sure shot on what will happen is Pageflakes now finally getting good marketing and better integrated media support.

Considering that. is good for netvibes to have as much ahead time as they can  keep it up guys, you have done great.


via Netvibes Blog

New W3C Widgets 1.0 Drafts

April 29th, 2008


It has passed quite sometime in the road for a final Widgets 1.0 Document, over a year from first intentions and 9 months since i first reported about this when i was starting my stint here at Widgetslab.

I even had forgot about this all together, too much has changed in the widgets landscape in the past 9 months, so much, that this document is already running extremely late already.

I say late because these are not the final 1.0 specs, these are drafts and as in any case of standards, until they have not been sealed as final, they cannot be seen in a encompassing light, much less with what has happened in the last 9 months.

Al Mekrebs from WidgetBeat got pretty good summary of the new drafts:

“The Widget Landscape (Q1 2008): reviews commonalities and fragmentation across widget user agents and explores how fragmentation currently affects, amongst other things, authoring, security, distribution and deployment, internationalization and the device-independence of widgets.

• Packaging and Configuration: defines a Zip-based packaging format and an XML-based configuration document format for widgets.

• Digital Signature: defines a profile of the XML-Signature Syntax and Processing specification to allow a widget resource to be digitally signed.

• Requirements: lists the design goals and requirements that specification would need to address in order to standardize various aspects of widgets”

I am optimistic in thinking that the final Widgets 1.0 specs documents should be finished before 2008 ends but i am not gonna hold my breath to it.

W3C Widgets 1.0

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