Chumby raises 12.5 million dlls of funding, gets web widget.

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Widget Labs favorite gizmo-appliance, Chumby has raised quite a lot of money, something that don´t surprises me at all, it is a cool gizmo. but there is now also a way to make a Web Widget of your chumby.

Such a thing would qualify as meta, even if in a backwards way considering chumby goal was to bring widgets into an appliance from the web. but on the other hand, as i have already said once. i love digital objects.

More on the Virtual Chumby Widget later.

(this is the virtual chumby of sarah perez, not mine)

Meanwhile you wait, you can read a great post by Sarah Perez on why the Chumby is destinated to triumph.

Chumby gets´s why it´s taking off

Chumby homepage


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