Imeem opens platform, OpenSocial Support to come later

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2008 goes along and more platforms pop out everywhere. this time is the turn for Imeem, the services who could be seen as homologous to ilike, and to a degree to services like deezer and RadioBlogClub.


Music Widgets are a dime a dozen and so are Music Widget-apps and social apps. but Imeem brand is strong enough to surpass most other services not listed here and got the content to make it work.

So now you will be able to develop your own music widgets, and widget-apps with the imeem API´s and this what you can expect from those:

* Access any music, videos, and photos available on imeem
* Fully customize the imeem media player (via a “chromeless” player)
* Upload music, video or photos, and modify metadata for that content
* Access imeem’s social graph, including users, friends, and associated profile data
* Create, edit, and manage new playlists, or access millions of music, video and photo playlists created by imeem users* Search imeem’s media content by keyword, artist, song title, or album name
* Ability to favorite media and playlists back to the user’s profile
* Access imeem’s recommendation engine and discovery tools

 And for those saying: “wait, Imeem was not one of the original OpenSocial posse?”. yes, but not anymore, they are now only affiliates or allies if you will but they will fight their own battle too. not worry there will be OpenSocial Support:

 imeem opensocial

See?, nothing to worry, and in the end you know what this means right?, even more Music Widgets to come….lets just hope there are some truly good ones using Imeem APi so i can actually get to post about them later.

Imeem Developer Platform


via Techcrunch


  1. Matt says:

    Yeah Imeem is quite fine! It’s part of the websites which contributed to the revolution in the musical world. However, my favourite one in that context is which brought real free and legal music-on-demand! It’s quite great, and it has quite a huge catalogue right now! Check it out.

  2. @Matt: Thanks for the comment and the link!

    I am checking out Deezer as I write this. I am listening to something from Spleen? Reminds me a bit of the Eighties soft rock/Disco

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