Musestorm adds Bebo App Platform Support, Updates Engagement Platform

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Musestorm is the Widget Based Engagement Platform, what i called a complete Widget Agency. they had been quiet but it looks like they were hard at work in their platform and today, they have decided to announce the update. this is the official Press Release Musestorm sent me, further comments after display:


Enhancements allow customers to spend less time creating and updating
more time on content and engagement

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—April 8, 2008—MuseStorm, the first and leading
platform for widgets and social applications, announced the newest
version of its MuseStorm Engagement Platform (MEP) featuring two
significant platform enhancements: first-ever support for native Bebo
applications, and instant, cross-platform widget updating capabilities.
Available now, these enhancements give agencies and brand marketers the
ability to take advantage of Bebo’s internationally flavored social
networking platform, and its “instant update” capability saves them time
and development costs associated with making changes to widgets.

MuseStorm’s most advanced technology yet, the MuseStorm Engagement
Platform (MEP) is based on the company’s groundbreaking widget creation,
tracking and measurement technology, successfully used by numerous
tier-one customers to enhance user interaction. MuseStorm’s tools are so
intuitive that any business can create professional-quality widgets,
distribute them across Web, desktop, Facebook and other social media
platforms, track them on a daily basis, and easily change widgets to
influence user behavior. The platform’s deep analytics capabilities
provide unique benefits such as detailed engagement metrics.

The enhanced MEP allows publishers and marketers, for the first time
ever, to quickly and easily produce full-fledged, native Bebo
applications, without having to use valuable developers’ time or spend
money to outsource the work. In addition, the new platform provides the
availability to update widgets simultaneously. Customers simply makes
the changes they wish to a widget, and with a few clicks, those changes
will be instantly ported across all platforms – Facebook Bebo, Web,
desktop or standalone applications – freeing customers to focus on
content, messaging and other critical activities.

“If an agency or brand marketer is thinking about employing a widget for
user engagement, MuseStorm’s newest platform is the ideal way to quickly
and cost-effectively get in the game,” said Ori Soen, co-founder and
chief executive officer of MuseStorm. “By offering customers a means to
quickly and easily create Bebo widgets in addition to a wide range of
other applications, as well as the ability to make simultaneous updates
to widgets running on Web, desktop, Facebook and other applications,
MuseStorm minimizes time spent creating widgets, and optimizes their
benefits by letting our customers quickly and completely understand how
their widgets are performing.”

The MuseStorm Engagement Platform is an end-to-end solution for widget
creation and syndication that features two distinct advantages: a
production studio that allows people without technical capabilities to
create widgets, and deep analytics that provide never-before-available
widget interaction statistics. Now producing widgets is as easy as
creating a PowerPoint presentation; the tightly integrated platform
modules provide unique benefits such as detailed engagement metrics.

About MuseStorm
MuseStorm has pioneered end-to-end enterprise-grade solutions that
empower agencies and brand marketers to engage its target audiences
through syndication of highly interactive rich media content.
MuseStorm’s groundbreaking Engagement Platform removes the complexity
from widget authoring, enabling companies to nimbly and inexpensively
develop and control intelligent multimedia widgets with integrated
advanced functionality, including user interactivity. Founded in 2005,
MuseStorm is privately held and has offices in Sunnyvale, CA, and Tel
Aviv, Israel. For more information about MuseStorm and the MuseStorm
Engagement Platform, please visit

We could see this as the culmination of what i have been talking about as the end to meet all solution in term of widgets, and the recent surge of interest in widget based marketing, Musestorm is now going to compete with not only Gigya but also other main Widget Developing companies selecting Bebo Support as the perfect way to demo what they got new in their platform.


Why Bebo?, while i understand that Bebo provides a great app platform that got momentum right now, i still find curious why Bebo. one of the reasons i can think of is the way Bebo controls and run their platform. having a more relaxed model than Facebook or MySpace and yet with a superior platform compared with Friendster, Hi5 and Netlog.

There could be another reason. maybe AOL is in the hunt for a way to bridge their buy of Bebo and they buy of YourMinis with Musestorm?. would be a perfect choice but lets not read too much into this yet. even then, MuseStorm “cross-platform updating” sounds as their own way to do what OpenSocial was supposed to do.

The best bit is about the easy creating of widgets and widget-apps for bebo and mentioning it is as easy as creating a powerpoint presentation could suggest a special editor yet to be seen. like sprout but even more advanced and with the added value of engament tracking and instant deployment.

Too many questions, i will check if i can send some questions to Musestorm and get more answers on what seems to be a breaking point in widget development, by joining marketing, engagement tracking and deployment all into one.

Thanks for Krista at Musestorm for the heads up.


  1. Actually, Widgetbox also has a Bebo widget solution:

    From the looks of it, Musestorm’s move is more evolutionary than revolutionary, as many of the features they tout are already available in the widget syndication/tracking field from Gigya, Clearspring and Widgetbox. But I agree, Avatar: the real differentiator appears to be their widget creation services. It’ll be interesting to see 1) whether “non-developers” can create successful widgets using their tools and, if so, 2) how their competitors respond.

  2. Avatar says:


    I did remembered the bebo app accelerator and we did cover it.

    Of course that it is evolutionary, i never actually used the word revolutionary to describe it. the thing is the fact on how it bridges what could be seen as the core purpose of Gigya and Clearspring into one. i actually think that the only big widget player without worries is Widgetbox because their play in widget development is in the low end and they are more into being a distributor. Widgetbox should get worried with the advances clearspring, gigya and now musestorm are getting at, because when you have a widget done with gigya and musestorm who manages the connections, the need for a distribution channel in other form of widgetbox is no longer that appealing.

    Then you got companies like your own who remain more of a enabler and independent developer, but who now weirdly enough find yourself having to compete with the UWA netvibes platform and their automatic parser even if in a indirect way since you are on different sides of the spectrum.

    Bottom line: the competition on the widget field is getting BLAZING hot.

    Thanks for your comment Danny, and if you read widgets lab and got news you already have read my post stating that i am very open to widget news ok? 🙂

  3. Ori says:


    Thanks for the post!

    I’d like to clarify a number of points that you have raised:
    1. The MuseStorm production studio allows users to create full-featured Flash widgets and social apps (including Facebook and Bebo). Unlike Gigya, ClearSpring and WidgetBox who provide a WRAPPER that allows developers to get their app on Facebook or Bebo (but it’s still a Flash widget), apps created on our platform are true FBML (Facebook) or SNML (Bebo). That means these apps can access the friend list, newsfeed and more! The MuseStorm Engagement Platform is really the first platform to allow rapid creation of social apps without programming.
    2. We’ve launched Bebo support now, and have had support for Facebook since end of 2007. There is no “grand master plan” behind it 🙂
    3. The most powerful module of our platform is the multi-publishing capability – you can create a Web widget (Flash) and convert it with a click of a button into a Facebook app, then into Bebo, Yahoo desktop widgets and more. This allows you to create apps that naturally fit within your end-user’s environment. We all know it’s not a one-size-fit-all situation.
    4. Tomorrow (Wed) you’ll be able to see a video tour of the platform and understand the power – check it out

  4. Avatar says:


    I see, thanks for the explanation Ori, and thanks for coming by. this does tell me it is like a combination of sprout and the netvibes UWA just in a professional level and with way more backing up the widget created.

    cannot wait to check out the video. i will do a update post with it and add the notes you have provided me here then to comment on both.

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