iGoogle Shareable Gadgets introducing collaborative qualities into their widgets

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Until now, when you think of widgets, you usually don`t think in multiplayer games or collaborative widgets, at least not from Google.

That is now in the past, google is once again finding forms to resuse their code in new way and have added collaborative qualities to their iGoogle Gadgets just in the way they do now with Google Docs. i guess this is something that they developed of what they learned while doing their first foray on adding widgets to google docs. so what goes around, comes around and now that knowledge is being used to bring the same collaborative features a Google Docs has to the iGoogle capable of being upgraded with such new features.

Those iGoogle gadges means; infor gadgets where you need to input data and then display simple data like:

calendars, weather calendars, certain game gadgets (crosswords, chess, backgammon, checkers, etc) , To-Do lists and Note field widgets (notepad, quotes and stickies)

This also means that if you are developing iGoogle Gadgets and your widgets goes the qualities mentioned you can make it shareable and add collaborative features to it too.

The Shareable iGoogle Gadgets can be share around with anyone with Google Account using the common share feature in them to start a collaboration or to allow editing rights to friends.


Right now there are 30 shareable iGoogle Gadgets, you can check them out here:

Shareable iGoogle Gadgets

for more info on this just go to the official Google Blog

Sharing Gadgets just got better

And if you are currently developing a iGoogle gadget, then you maywant to check out this other post:

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via Google Blog

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