Hi5 App Platform beats MySpace, Friendster and Bebo in terms of Viral Spread, the why

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Venture Beat and Social Times covered today, the news that the recently launched Hi5 App Platform have beat all the app the platforms in terms of app viral spread in the userbase.

Just 10 days ago i wrote about HI5 App Platform launch and in that posts relies part of the answer on the why hi5 has archived such a huge boost in their userbase.

1.-Hi5 userbase is very used to the constant notification by hi5 via e-mail and that has raised lots of eye brows in the past because of they almost spammy nature

2.-The market where hi5 reigns is one where E-mail still reigns supreme as the prime form of communication as in a 99.9% compared to other markets.

3.-Before the launch of hi5 app platform, there was pretty much nothing, as in nothing-nothing. hi5 users had to conform with mindless bling and 3 apps that more than often didn´t even worked as they should.

I am in a better position to judge these 3 points because i am in the country where hi5 is close to be the king of all Social Networks. so i have seen a userbase starving for things to add to their profiles and way to make their profiles as “blinged” or “Pimped out” as their matching MySpace profiles.

The situation was so dire, that Friendster and Bebo could be seen as Platform with a dozen times more choices than Hi5. if that don´t puts it into perspective. i think nothing will.

Now, how viral hi5 has gone?,. well RockYou app “SuperFive” has been installed 2 million times compared to the top MySpace app that has not even broke 200k… that is over 10 whole times more than the Top MySpace current top App.

I think that after this news, many Widget, and widget-app developers will turn their eyes to hi5 in a more kind way.

At this moment there are now 229 listed app in Hi5 public gallery. so, time to take hi5 serious don´t it?


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  1. juana martinez says:

    tengo problemas con mi pagina en hi5 y no se como comunicarme con ustedes ya no puedo ver las notificaciones que me llegan y otros problemas ustedes pueden ayudarme??????

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