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PollDaddy Twitter Polls - Send a poll directly to your Twitter!

Over a month and a half ago, Polldaddy debuted their Polldaddy Answers section as a way to do something with all the knowledge they had and to generate engagement, conversation and of course move more widgets.

It has worked well, but there was still a obvious problem. how to encourage new users to try the service and promote it?.

The answer was Polldaddy Twitter polls.

Twitter Polls allows you to create a poll right away, distribute it to your twitter contact and to the public timeline and it generates a small poll url to a landing page in Polldaddy  Answers and generate a poll widget if you were the creator of the poll. all that without you having to register to polldaddy. you only need your twiiter ID to use it and it will assign you a polldaddy username keyword too so you can continue use the service, no string attached.


Polling by Twitter, a good idea httptwitterpolldaddycom

This move, is one of the most clover twitter based moves from a established start up and the first from a Widget based one that i know of. i think this will be my way to do polling now.

Now, the only think i want is that they update the polldaddy widgets look.

Polldaddy Twitter Polls

Polldaddy Answers


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