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With today announcement of  the launch of iGoogle Developer Sandbox. a significant move because it consolidates the notions i have been having of Google going ALL THE WAY in dominating a big share of the Widget market and even going as far as dominating it.

Something that can be easily traced to the fall of 2007.

The latest news i reported coming from Google efforts were about iGoogle Gadgets getting shareable and collaborative qualities and just a few days ago i reported about OpenSocial getting the “green light” on Orkut in their biggest market (india).

Those last two point are important because they are part of the why for a iGoogle Developer Sandbox was needed just after those two things where in place.

On Google Gadgets getting shareable is Google own way to give them “High Spread” even if they start in their own ecosystem. iGoogle gadgets are now a fundamental part of Google online strategy as way to make their brand even more resilient for the future and to adjust to whatever the market can throw at them.

Right now iGoogle Gadgets can name their start page and Google desktop as their main home, but Google is now slowly putting them in the Google  Toolbar and into Google docs.

What is next?

Easy, they are testing integration with Blogger already via Blogger in Draft, there are rumors that the next big Gmail upgrade will be able to integrate some iGoogle info gadgets if you want them and more important than that is that Google will make iGooge the bridge for OpenSocial developers to lure them in as a way to conveniently re-use their code porting OpenSocial Widget-apps into iGoogle Gadgets and obviously later lure iGoogle Developers into doing the very same thing and port iGoogle gadgets into OpenSocial Widget-apps.

The plan is brilliant and the most ambitious Widget based initiative until now.

Then we have OpenSocial launching in Orkut, as i mused in that post. this serves the perfect way to test iGoogle to OpenSocial and OpenSocial to iGoogle for developers and as a playground where to test how it works out. 

And above of the iGoogle Gadget strategy you have Google Ad Sense in Widget form as a way to connect this as a new revenue line for the company.

Or at least, that would be the obvious plan google could have. now lets see how they finally execute it and if it pans out.

One thing i hope is that this will be the wake up call to Yahoo. i have said repeatedly that Yahoo Widgets Engine was getting dragged into irrelevance because of Yahoo not adding direct support to Vista Sidebar and not developing High Spread for Yahoo Widgets to go into the Web and social networks or fully integrating their own Widget Engine into their own Startpage just like Google now has done. 

In the side of Microsoft court, you could argue the same is happening. but Microsoft has the advantage of their big ecosystem. Microsoft is already giving slow paced step to integrate Live Gadgets into it. but i doubt they are worried about it as Yahoo should be

(if they manage to avoid Microsoft buying them. otherwise this argument will be irrelevant and we will have yet another  Microsoft vs Google scenario ).

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