Pageflakes bought by LiveUniverse, Media integrated startpage to follow?

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Pageflakes is a nice startpage that while never gained traction or mindshare was actually the startpage that started the Startpage craze from 2006. and it was such a craze that it ended up with too many competitors at the same time. the fact that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft updated their Startpage offerings in time to compete with Pageflakes didnÂ’t´ helped them either. but that was not what caused them to be overlooked. Netvibes did.  Netvibes execution of the Startpage concept brought it further than Pageflakes ever could do so in time. the Last Netvibes Update, Ginger was the nail in their coffin….or so it was thought, because Live Video was smart enough to saw a good opportunity in acquiring a good product, instead of having to develop their own.

Live Universe is a Media company, mostly focused in video content now that also acquired Revver and that wanted a good way to create a Social context network for their offerings and a Start page is a good option to do it, so PageFlakes will end be the base of  Live Universe  “MyLiveVideo” personalized pages, that means that they get a StartPage were to market their content and who can build their users profiles/personalized pages to serve focused content.

The whole idea of PageFlakes finally getting good marketing and more media infused to them sounds like a promising future to a startup that was close to dwell into irrelevance.

Having PageFlakes team in LiveUniverse also makes me think that their Web Widget offerings could finally go somewhere beyond Video.


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