Netvibes migrates all their users to Ginger

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Proving that they just cannot stay still more than a week, Netvibes announced today in the Netvibes  Blog that it was time all users got acquainted with Ginger. the great new Startpage engine now running for all.


This move marks the point where Netvibes officially lets everyone to compare their Startpage to the big 3 and with the now acquired PageFlakes that once was the best and most advanced Startpage.

Ginger is truly the sucessor to all the current Startpages and compared to it`s competition it could be considered next-gen, because it is simply that advanced compared to them.

Yet anything can happen, and it is not expected for them to stay this far away of the competition featurewise. iGoogle, is making their move, AOL acquired Goowy (Yourminis) and it is probable they could end up being part of the new MyAOL startpage. and anything can happen in My.Yahoo and even if they keep separated ways. the only sure shot on what will happen is Pageflakes now finally getting good marketing and better integrated media support.

Considering that. is good for netvibes to have as much ahead time as they can  keep it up guys, you have done great.


via Netvibes Blog

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