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It has passed quite sometime in the road for a final Widgets 1.0 Document, over a year from first intentions and 9 months since i first reported about this when i was starting my stint here at Widgetslab.

I even had forgot about this all together, too much has changed in the widgets landscape in the past 9 months, so much, that this document is already running extremely late already.

I say late because these are not the final 1.0 specs, these are drafts and as in any case of standards, until they have not been sealed as final, they cannot be seen in a encompassing light, much less with what has happened in the last 9 months.

Al Mekrebs from WidgetBeat got pretty good summary of the new drafts:

“The Widget Landscape (Q1 2008): reviews commonalities and fragmentation across widget user agents and explores how fragmentation currently affects, amongst other things, authoring, security, distribution and deployment, internationalization and the device-independence of widgets.

• Packaging and Configuration: defines a Zip-based packaging format and an XML-based configuration document format for widgets.

• Digital Signature: defines a profile of the XML-Signature Syntax and Processing specification to allow a widget resource to be digitally signed.

• Requirements: lists the design goals and requirements that specification would need to address in order to standardize various aspects of widgets”

I am optimistic in thinking that the final Widgets 1.0 specs documents should be finished before 2008 ends but i am not gonna hold my breath to it.

W3C Widgets 1.0

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