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Chumby Widget Network growing fast

April 29th, 2008


With now two months on the market the Chumby is truly sustaining its momentum by the rate its Widget Network grows considering that it only works in one appliance and that you have to buy that appliance in specific to get them and that the appliance in question is not cheap at this moment.

It now has over 500 widgets to choose from already and the most popular sections are:

  • 1.-Entertainment
  • 2.-News
  • 3.-Games
  • 4.-Webcam
  • 5.-Weird

I am surprised to see entertaiment above news and that games are picking up so fast. there are now 50 game widgets in Chumby Widget network.

Check them out.

Chumby Widget Network


Netvibes planning to Open Source Widget Platform

April 25th, 2008


Color me not surprised at all by this news, but Netvibes saying their are going to Open Source their Widget Platform goes in line with what they already where going with the whole “Universal Web API” Widgets they were pushing and it is a way to compete not only with the recent iGoogle Developer Sandbox announcement but with things to come like Sprout and MuseStorm, etc.

Netvibes to Open-Source its Widget Platform


via CNET

MySpace Application Platform Publicly Released

April 25th, 2008


I know, i know. was not the MySpace Application Platform was already released over a month ago?

Yes and no, yes it was released for viewing and use, but was not released for the general public since MySpace had not linked it internally or started marketing for it and neither considered ready for good.

That is now, now it will be pushed by MySpace, linked and marketed in General.


That is pretty much it. lets see that if this change makes a significant difference in the adoption of MySpace Apps to what before were a lukewarm reception, something that i can attribute to the Zero awareness that 70% of  active Myspace users had about it.  so i am betting on adoption incrementing at least 300% for the next month. lets see if i can hit the mark on it.

MySpace Apps

OpenID Selector Widget

April 25th, 2008


I like the OpenID idea, i really do, but i still  problem with it because i think it needs not only more backup like the one it is receiving now by the big players, but because there are still lots of quirks that need solving before it can truly be accepted in a mainstream form and get to be what it needs to be.

Some of the problems it had was that it was not Fool proof to implement and there were not enough providers, the providers dilemma has been solved but implementation still needed solving to be truly fool proof.

That is where this nice and simple widget comes in. ID selector lets you select your OpenID provider and add yourself to it quick while providing awareness on the different OpenID supporters there are.

It is a OpenID promotion tool and a facilitator to users that are interested in using OpenID in your blog to identify themselves.


Other benefits as pointed out by Jainrain CEO Brain Kissel in the comments are:

“Additionally, ID Selector can be installed in minutes, is fully configurable by the website operator, and allows “one click login” for return visits by your users (remembers your preferred OpenID)”

Worth a look if you are interested in OpenID

ID selector

via CNET

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